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Departments of Institute Caucasus-Point
   The multi-ethnic and multi-religious - the main features of the North Caucasus, which largely determine the socio-political situation, adding to the region and appeal, and of conflicts simultaneously. Institute Caucasus-Point - Analytical Science, producing concepts, than implemented by the Russian state. It actually creates a range of alternatives to the current government policy on the case, if any will at some point fail. It creates a kind of resource "alternative options" policy, which you can bring to bear in the administration, or of a change in the current impasse explicit command of the Kremlin. No serious external and internal political line of a big state is incorrect unopposed - and that think tanks prepare alternatives.
   Institute Caucasus-Point this description, details and try designing complex political technology of separation and consolidation of the Russian Federation and the events arranged with them in a semantic and politechnological field, with a proposal to use modern means of mass, local and spot information and psychological warfare.
The main objectives of the Institute are:
   - To assess public opinion and rumor in each country;
   - Policies and procedures to individuals (ethnic elite) and national and religious organizations;
   - To plan and carry out a particular ethnic and political action program;
   - Establish and maintain close communication, understanding, communication and cooperation between regional organizations;
   - Ensure awareness of certain public services on the mood in society and help them to be more responsive to these sentiments;
   - To act as a kind of early warning system for predicting socially dangerous trends in the North Caucasus.
   The specific task assigned to this institution, is a detailed study of the population, so that in the event of aggravation (armed conflict, the seizure of power, etc.) Russian center is located to prepare the information that could be used as a basis for strategic planning , relief (or its leadership of the opposition in the country) and awareness-psychological interventions. In addition, the project will serve as a reference or information archive where the Centre could quickly obtain the necessary information.
   The Institute's activities by four departments:
     1. Diagnostic Department - provides an overview of the main factors influencing the situation in the North Caucasus (ethno-demographic, ethno-political, cultural, religious, ethno-psychological, conflict-, financial-economic, Olympics 2014).
     2. Deconstructive Department - developing possible decays Russian North Caucasus on the dash. The proposed concept of management process of decay, as in changing the system properties of the ideological state policy in the North Caucasus region. Perhaps it is the ideology process in the North Caucasus will be a criterion for the integrity of the Russian Federation within the existing boundaries for the near future.
     3. Constructive Department - develops resistance to decay and strengthen the integrity of the Russian Federation. In essence, this is the same imperial policy, but not aimed at the physical control, and for voluntary interassimilation two cultures (Russian and Caucasian) with appropriate inducements. Of course, this approach is also not ideal in terms of general liberal values, but in this situation, so it is better than direct violent methods. Develop such a program is extremely difficult, and even more difficult to implement. However, it is still a real chance to preserve the integrity of Russia in the borders that exist today, especially at the Russian Center have the opportunity to enjoy all the information and psychological methods.
     4. Prognostic Department - options forecasts. From the point of view of understanding the separation processes in the North Caucasus is important to analyze the degradation of the Russian Federation. Such an analysis will reveal the future character as Islamist and nationalist movements in the North Caucasus republics, to determine the ideological and practical framework for these phenomena, armed with knowledge that will successfully counteract the further process of the collapse of the Russian Federation, in what is the relevance of the Institute of Caucasus-point.
    Within the walls of the Institute released a scenario-methodical monograph - "Managing ethnic policy of the North Caucasus."