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   The " Homo Ludens " combines education and entertainment together.
   It talks about the little-known games, the history of, and changes to the rules of these rules, rewards winners. There are games unique to one nation, tribe, country, and sometimes the profession. These games are not led by the world championships and world records, and the players do not get the contracts and do not become party advertisements. It is a game of simple people, and, through their games viewer learns more and more deeply about the people who play them.

In inventing the game and reveal the people boldly marked characteristics and mentality. There are games for children and adults of different peoples: team and individual, ritual and ceremonial, casual and festive they are not known to the people of other countries and peoples, but they are interesting and original, as succinctly and vividly present to the people!
Each Indian state is a game like no other game in the States. There are not only ethnic play inherent to one people, is typical of the professional game in a hurry, such as games gauchos of Argentina.
A separate series of talks about the games people of Russia. Geography shooting - our whole country. Creative Group conducts surveys on national holidays, where the games always have great place. Leading the program will introduce not only the game, but with the people and the terrain where the games are held.
Shooting themselves should be held in the country in the area where the game was invented, and where it is played and now. The viewer is with the program host Columbus game, revealing to the audience through the people in the game that they play. The project shows and talks about games that have long been forgotten ("How and what to play pirates? Vikings? Aztecs and Mayans? Drevlyans and Meadow?"). For this game and being renovated creative team of "reviving" it to the audience.
Peculiar to each nation playing at the celebration (wedding, church, secular), there are people that show ritual games (burial rites, initiation), and there are children's games and casual games adults.
Issues devoted entirely one game or games of one nation, province and country. Lead tells the audience about when, how, and why there was a certain game, talks about her rules without downloading the details of the rules.
The shooting took place there, and with the participation of the inhabitants of the area where the game was invented and where it is played today.
Not all games are associated with ethnicity. Individual issues talk about the games were created in cities. With increasing urbanization, there were "backyard games", and everywhere they "own. Children's games 40-50 of the twentieth century are not like children playing 70-80 years.
The main thing - not a story about the "recipe" of the game and do not show it all the way from beginning to end. What is important is the uniqueness of the game show and its singularity. Leading the viewer with objects and costumes used in the game. Then, the viewer becomes a witness games involving local residents and are held in a shooting. The leader can and should be incorporated into the game, he did not have much work. He masters the game along with the audience, this charm of ownership, audience excitement and intrigue master can and should be involved in the game (if possible).
The project is a humanitarian role - Planet brings people together. Games are unique, as people have come up and play in them.
I want to believe that the project is feasible and your channel will be his "home" for this project, because this project is not on any channel of the World.

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