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Borrowing is the first step to successful self - development. But it would be better not to borrow only scientific research and industrial innovation, and, above all, cutting-edge technology of social characteristics - in improving the management, control of national policy. State management over the centuries has been the subject of constant borrowing nations from each other. Whenever there was a new and more perfect form of government it became soon the common property: neighboring states took her into service in order to manage effectively its own population, to maintain civil peace, to win wars, finally, to protect the borders.

It is noteworthy that isolationism of any single country does not prevent them to borrow management practices of neighbors. Moreover, the advance social technology, taken from abroad, usually issued by isolationist regimes for their own inventions when they are not or in fact, not really.

Public administration is sublimation of national policy. It is this area has had and has a significant impact on the development of management systems, is an example in the development of new practices, and the sudden change in domestic policy in the United States in the early 1980s., It is an example of a successful project, "melting pot" and became its engine.

Experience in the formation of the Russian civilization suggests that the centuries-old versatile close cooperation the NC ethnic groups with Russia there was a complex synthesis of cultures with their own characteristic with its set of values. This value system became the basis of the functioning and reproduction of historical socio-cultural community of people of the NC, and Russian, which is a particular civilization. As with other civilizations, the Russian civilization cannot remain unchanged. All nations, united by it, the creativity contribute to its development, and the NC in this development plays an important role.

A careful analysis of many national policies of modern great powers and empires of the former allows study carefully and design the future national policy of Russia. And in Russia itself there is a huge store of methods of vzaimoassimilyatsii: "He is no Marxist, he is not even a Democrat - wrote Lenin - who doesn’t recognize and protect the equality of nations and languages, does not fight against all national oppression or inequality. But since there is no doubt that that is allegedly Marxist, who was worth at the swearing-Marxist of another nation for "assimilation" is in fact simply a nationalist philistine ... Who has not caught up in nationalist prejudices cannot see in this process of assimilation of nations capitalism's greatest historical progress, the destruction of national calloused various backwoods - especially in backward countries like Russia". Perhaps the experience of the Soviet Union was flawed, contradictory and incomplete, but it's still the best what there is today in terms of national policy.
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