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2.1. Fundamental nature of the script.

The final result of the proposed constructive scenario would eliminate the current system of national and state in its capacity, in which it is subject to ethnocentric and retroreligiouse ideology and ideas of local priority development of indigenous peoples. Further progress of the multinational Russian state is possible only with knowledge of the inevitability of postetnical social- evolution development.

The main difficulty, which hinders realization of the need postetnic development lies in the fact that ethnic integration, as the idea is completely rehabilitated to the present day, most often seen as a possible complement to the existing system of national statehood. However, this addition makes little difference in the current Russian domestic ethnic tensions. If the current role of the people in the national-state formations are distributed by the scheme: "titular" nation - state and for non-indigenous peoples - the lot of minorities, "migrants", "occupation", "settlers", etc., as a result of existing inequalities of the peoples with respect to state-building is preserved. Is not difficult to imagine how confusing would be the national government, if the proposed model determined to act without exception the people of Russia.

These considerations do not mean that the building (strengthening) of the Russian Federation on the basis of mutual assimilation used not together, but instead of nationhood, can be done easily and quickly. Not at all. This task will require considerable time and effort. Today, however, is not less important to encourage researchers and policy makers to develop the problem in its entirety.

This should take into account that the transition from the principle of a federal system in the country (national) to a purely monolithic (supranational) in the formation of the new Russian state does not require abrupt "withdrawal" of national and state divisions. Where national regions, districts, regions and republics are populated entirely by representatives of one nationality, even scoring data can lead to thoughts of protest and conflict. At the beginning of the restructuring is subject to the existing organization in their systems of power and control - from the national (i.e., resting and serving the interests of regional native population), it must be transformed into a supranational.
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