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2.3. Assimilation of interaction as the next step after multiculturalism.

If you do not confuse the concept of "nation" and "nation state", we should recognize that the vast majority of modern nations emerged in the course of a long process of synthesis of various ethnic groups. It is quite obvious that this synthesis was in two different ways. First this is a homogenization, the merging of ethnic features in common symptoms of a single nationality (as is observed in most Western European countries). Second - it preserves the significant distinguishing features of different ethnic groups within the "national" language, religions and cultures, as can be seen in most countries of East and Latin America.

It is obvious that the assimilation processes have extremely diverse nature, rates and forms, and therefore their evaluation cannot be mixed. Assimilation is irreversible only in the case when the socio-cultural potential of the state of the people will rise to such a degree that will talk about inability to continue the ethnic cultural and linguistic fields, and more than 60 years ago, a Soviet sociologist, G.P. Fedotov said: "The intelligentsia resented forced Russification of baptism of foreigners, but this perturbation is applied to the methods, not goals. Today, assimilation is accepted as an inevitable consequence of civilization. Another half-century or century and all vestiges will become the wealth of ethnographic museums and the specialized journals. "

Under the presented scenario process of assimilation consists of two components: social and biological. The social unit includes: cultural, civilizational, religious, linguistic, political, economic, communicative, normative (decrease the local concentration of members of certain people) and psychological direction. In the biological unit - single-family and genetic line - to stimulate the creation of mixed marriages and mutual dissolve of genes. Mutual assimilation should take place simultaneously in all directions. Assimilation only in the direction of a great nation (Russian) can be interpreted in a nationalistic spirit and seen by as numerically chauvinism of dominant nation.

As soon as mutual assimilation happens, all other types of assimilation will be inevitable. This multistructure process does not only raise the general cultural level, but also leads to a loss of cultural lacunar in individual nations. But from the standpoint of a conscious choice of gaps of culture (traditions, customs, behavior patterns, etc.) cannot analyze what would be slow and which will accelerate the assimilation process. The process is an evolutionary ("natural") and attempts of human decision will strength the potential for conflict.

The purpose of this script to act as a catalyst for assimilation, but in any case not the judge's choice of elements of culture - in the spirit of alternation (or coexistence) of nations that are making their "common cultural" idea. In this case, the internal Russian assimilation is adopted as the method of choice and save the state as an inevitable consequence of the current civilization.

No matter in what direction migration is today, it should continue the story of colonization of the NC - spread of Russian culture and the absorption, scattering, Caucasian culture in the Russian society. If Russian culture and the culture of the people originally the NC will not be considered as a parity of each other, it will lead to the marginalization or segregation of Russian society. All designated processes it must be combined with a balanced pluralist politics, tending to the true cosmopolitanism within Russia, is capable to dilute the cultural borders between the Russian people. Pluralism demands from the Russian and Caucasian society receive certain deinstitutionalization of their culture, thus freeing up the space for the development of all-Russian culture.

To prepare for the intercultural widespread interaction in many countries around the world so-called cultural assimilators had got, although this is not a good name, because the students are not encouraged to abandon their culture and become like members of another group - to assimilate. The purpose of using this method is to teach a person to see the situation from the perspective of members of foreign groups to understand their world view. Therefore a cultural Assimilator is also called the technique of raising the cross-cultural sensitive. "Do as others do. Do as they love, as they like ". This rule means that getting into a foreign culture, it is advisable to act in accordance with the norms, customs, and traditions of that culture, not impose their religious values and lifestyles. Intercultural mutual assimilation is the process of entering into a new culture, the gradual development of norms, values, behavior patterns. In this case the real assimilation involves the acquisition of real wealth of new culture without losing the advantages of its own.
To preparing for the process of mutual assimilation is necessary to solve several problems:
• detect the contact zone and the zone of inter-ethnic tensions;

• expose the weak points of ethnic Russian and Caucasians;
• identify possible strategies for the collapse of the regional (ethnic and religious) identity and synthesis of Russian national identity.

Further work suggests the following conditions:
• at the official level to support actively the doctrine of the Russian nation;

• to give priority to the formation of a citizens' state of consciousness "(national identity), while moving into the background of ethnic consciousness of nationalities;

• to try to avoid the terms of the existing domestic nations.
• Eliminate any rusofobnoy and kavkazofobnoy ideologies;
• Removal of support of national names (Exchange name);

• the presence of formal regulations on the need to preserve national cultures, traditions, customs and language to consider the inevitable disappearance of national enclaves, and in the near future and complete dissolution of the peoples of the Russian nation. However, the desire to expedite this process can become highly visible and will cause a negative reaction, right up to the rapid development of rejection. This is due to psychological features of North Caucasian peoples, which cannot be neglected.

Activities of changing identities require that:
• Existing of ethnoseparatist and Religious Identities were felt as a psychological disadvantage;
• was formed a conductor of psychologically unfavorable to favorable identities;

• Temporary (formal) freedom of expression was localized only to the ethnic violence, in a private circle, or at the local level;

• the cultivation of desire and the formation of dependency psychologically beneficial to the search of identity;

• carried out the predominance of efforts to create a unifying civic identity, perceived as advantageous;

• De-institutionalization of ethnic and religious identity and displacement of their public sphere. There is a direct correlation between economic well-being and assimilative processes: the more

dynamic is the development of national area, the quicker is assimilation. State declares the freedom of choice for every nationality in fact it should translate into encouraging assimilation. Neither religion nor tradition and customs cannot prevent the action of powerful assimilative factors and mechanisms that erase cultural distinctiveness and leveling. The higher the proportion of skilled labor among nations, than more large levels have international interests. Education affects the success of assimilation: the higher it is, the fewer negative symptoms to a different culture. In general, we can presume that the young assimilate successfully, highly intelligent and highly educated people. Development of communications, increase mobility of population, improving the media - all this destroys the isolation of ethnic groups.

The age effects fairly strong on the process of adapting. The young children adapt quickly and successfully, but for the students, this process is often painful, because in class they should all be like their classmates - and appearance, and manners, and language, and even thoughts. It is very hard test of changing the cultural environment for the elderly. Some studies suggest that women have more problems in adapting than men. Assimilation is often accompanied by depopulation trends associated with incestuous marriages, the space of "creeping" of ethnic groups.
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