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3.2. Expected results and safety.

Every ideological work is, ultimately, work of influence character. Impact on a person, in whatever form it was not held, addressed to man's consciousness and directed to the production of certain conscious and volitional attitudes. Diagnostic of performance is greatly facilitated by the use of "feedback effect", which will allow to adjust the process on track.

In conducting of HIPI can expect the following reactions: the subordination, identification and internalization.

• submission - behavior, which motivation is a desire to get promotion or to avoid punishment. Accordingly, the possible allocation strategy aimed at ensuring the subordination of Caucasians affecting the Russian side and vice versa.

• Identification is the desire Caucasians to look like affecting Russian side. Accordingly, the strategy will focus on the interaction of incentive motivation identity - the formation of ideals, beliefs, values due to the priority information, suggestion, persuasion, involvement in activities that use models more comfortable, strong and "seductive" culture.

• internalization is a deeper exploration of values and attitudes, belief in the absence of differences between Russian and Caucasians. In the case of orientation for the effect of internalization, the impact should include the possibility of meaningful relations between peoples and to the appropriate content of each other's culture.

An indispensable condition for consolidating ongoing HIPI is the practical implementation of the lessons of patterns of behavior. The true belief of success can only speak when in a situation of real activity, involving the exercise of choice behavior by Russian and Caucasians will complete absence of differences. Therefore, involvement in a special way of organized activity serves as a stage of formation of monopopulation.

Information-psychological security is defined as a state of protection of citizens, ensuring the preservation of the integrity and capabilities of the Russian Federation with permanent information effects on individual consciousness. The content and direction of the entire system of ideological work follow from the general public policy goals of Russia and do not require public disclosure for appropriateness, including the peoples of the republics of NC. At present, the constraints imposed by the role of the ideological factor in the Russian Federation are minimal.

Ideal for maintaining a society of ideological security can be considered the establishment of information and technological preconditions for establishing a permanent monitoring of its level, in particular, and in order to reduce the likelihood of adverse, in terms of cohesion of the Russian state. After all, even a neutral information on morbid background can significantly increase the level of nationalist ideas, even one that may lead to an increase in separation.
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