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3. Methodology of information and psychological warfare.

The success of the separation stop, then start the process of integration and mutual assimilation will largely be determined by methods based to work with social consciousness and subconsciousness.

In the division of society the targets of impact at each republic are very different. The target of effects, which Centre must seek to identify regularly, should ideally coincide with the real system of mass consciousness. Representation of the threats, which is formed in the public consciousness is much more flexibly and purposefully distorted by ideological influences (the separatist forces), and ideological inactivity (Center). Sometimes the center to avoid tension and panic, understates the real threat (guerrilla radicals), and sometimes, on the contrary, exaggerats them to mobilize and unite society (Beslan). Effects on fear as a special section of the spiritual sphere is something very complicated. These actions are often committed serious errors in them easier to drive a wedge separating of the mobile forces, and to introduce into the consciousness of religious programs than the "cumbersome government machine" with its "compliance with the constitutional order."

In response to growing ethnic and religious identity in the republics of the NC worse than before, rough methods of management (public pressure, coercion) “work”. Milder methods, in particular, hidden knowledge, give the best effect, which greatly improves the management of state and behavior of the population. Hiding the fact of forcing the union cannot downplay the national pride, and to remove unnecessary tensions, preventing the consolidation. The best North Caucasian perform what they believe is directly necessary for themselves, and not something that Moscow tells (according to many national leaders, this is not always the same). So it is the best that Caucasian people have come to a solution that meets the plan of the Centre, but this is only possible using hidden ('soft') methods of information-psychological influence.
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