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4.1. Modernization of the underlying stereotypes (socio cultural archetypes).

The essence of information-psychological way of modernization is the impact on public consciousness in such a way to connect and start to run towards the creation of stereotypes in the stereotype of "their" - all single Russian people and the stereotype "wrong" - who is opposed the creation of monolithic Russian people. The harder the stereotype, the more protection gives rise to any attempt to subject him to questioning. Modernizing the deep stereotyping must be multi-layered. It would be strange if it was the same for all intra-groups. It is obvious that in the first place it should affect those groups which are the main objects of integration. She must be inherent in rationalism and pragmatism marked features and structural elements.

Destruction or alteration of old, creation of new (integral) stereotypes should be done both in terms of stereotypes of Caucasians, and in respect of Russian stereotypes. If we consider the process of creating a monolithic people, then perhaps a combination of several options stereotypes on both sides:

1) both observed similar stereotypes to rely on the existing system installations. In this case it is possible to use them enough effectively (through the marking of the situation actualizing their elements);

2) both observed opposite tendencies to rely on the existing system of installations. Because in this version and be the main work on reprogramming, it may be two options:

- There is a desire to change the stereotypes of others, but their leave at steady support of the old system of values (the hard way);

- Both sides have a desire to change both their own and opposing stereotypes (the impact will be particularly effective).

If we are talking about changing their own stereotypes of professionals, conducting a program of modernization, the process will be based primarily on the reflection and the ability to consciously take a different than usual, position. Work on the integration of the peoples within Russia involves no removal of utopian consciousness stereotypes of "their / others', but only removal of" alien "to the borders of the RF. Replacing stereotypes need to be more emotionally colored, rigid, calling for action. It must smoothly, gradually change the ethno-religious stereotypes in all of Russia and to persuade them to believe.

In order to destroy deep-seated psychological border between the Russian people it need improvements in the public consciousness and subconsciousness, and it can only be the result of a massive step by step information and psychological warfare. Addressing the preservation of ethnic and cultural diversity depends on a reasonable balance in the approach to it. You cannot coerce a people to mutual assimilation by adopting a program of integration, if the stereotyped it sense of worthlessness of his consciousness and inferiority. Accordingly, you cannot hold assimilation if to emphasize the exclusiveness of the stereotypes, election, stressing the imperial ambition and focus.

The objective of this level of modernizing engineering - to make stereotypical transformation if not all attractive, then at least acceptable to nationalists and religious fundamentalists, it is not interested in the overall integration of the peoples. To solve such a difficult task, it is necessary to use stereotypes of antimodernizators, showing that it is the modernization of information leads to the attainment of the goals proclaimed: the grandeur of the Russian (Chechen, Avar and so on) peoples, religions of Christianity and Islam on the world stage.
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