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4.2. Modernization of the vertical links (working with history).

Of course, hostile education to the Russian with the help of our respective stereotypes can prepare the whole army, but that this hostility was hard, it is necessary to use historical facts. Unfortunately, the history of the Russian Caucasus to find these facts clearly enough. Unfortunately, the faith of the Russian and Caucasian peoples and their leaders in the historical myths can take quite a rational form, investing in a "credible" evidence.

Whatever may have developed by this or that ethnic stereotypes, they acquire over time the nature of rules handed down from generation to generation as something indisputable, self-evident. Here historical tradition affects, embodied in historical works, literature, customs, and the conservatism of the educational system. Especially great is the importance of education in the North study of history.

Available today, the cultural and religious differences while play a decisive role among the causes of future conflict action, but not principle. Very important is the duration of awareness and emotional maturation of antagonism. Experienced the "historical injustice" cause in Caucasians, the desire to restore justice, but this does not necessarily leads to an instantaneous reaction. More often before the conflict interaction of many years can elapse during which a certain community is rallying around the idea of revenge. That is, the image in the minds of Russian peoples of the Caucasus is determined, above all, the nature of historical relationships. Where between the two nations were the relations of collaboration and cooperation (Russian and Ossetians), they produce mostly positive attitude to each other, implying tolerance of differences. Otherwise deal with those who were in Russian conflict and hostility. And there are other North Caucasian peoples can be ranked by the degree of 'blood' historical relations with the Russian.

First of all, we are talking about the gap between generations and lacunary removal of historical memory. Total renunciation of the conflict past, from the affairs of their fathers and grandfathers the renunciation of the heroes and the exploits of the Caucasian war, the renunciation of historical heritage. It Must be made active rewriting of the story. Every character, every event of the past must be dezactualisation. A bright Russian future should be a result.
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