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4.4. The reorientation from the society to the person.

The Russian economy in its current form is not self-developing organism, which determines all other social interaction. It is - an artificial construct of the government, which is plagued by corruption, not effective and cannot compete with other states.

One example is a meeting with energy, which Prime Minister V. Putin held in February 24, 2010 at the Sayano- Shusheskaya hydro electro-station. They discussed the relations between great businessmen with the state. "... The company - WGC-3, a major shareholder is Mr. Potanin bought the company for 81.7 billion rubles, and on the additional issue has received 81.7 billion rubles, for nothing, in fact, took a huge property,

"- said Putin. He added: "Well, he took it free. But there is a commitment to the investment - nothing is being done ".

Scheduled owners are completely indifferent to the country's economy. The consequence of this economic development was complete stagnation in the movement of personnel: the work can be arranged exclusively on protection or for money, or inherited from a parent’s workspace. All these germs of unhealthy economic relations grow through unrealized intention to establish a market economy.

At a time when government abroad undergoing a transformation under the influence of information technology, when the economic system is actively reconstructed with new trends - personalization of production and employment, a person who is capable of producing their own product, promote it and feel its full independence, becoming a key figure of the era . In countries with strong economies and seek to understand it as free labor to the modern man was able to fulfill themselves - myself and for the benefit of the State. This is accomplished through the liberalization of labor legislation, tax relief on the real sector, simplification of reporting to the state, the recognition of the very different form of it - at home, freelance, part-time work.
All competitions - in science or business are built on a project basis, on individual offers of potential performers of order to commercialize the proposals. Personal competition - this is a significant factor in the movement of society forward. A fair assessment of human labor is the only possible basis of efficiency of economy and the state.

The Russian example of a "manipulation" to the person, alas, suggests that the Centre still does not capture these overall trends. People who get success in the West, have virtually no chance to break out and live well in Russia. If you can build a profitable business - it takes away a bandit raider. If you made a scientific discovery - his "privatize" the institute and its director. If something is purchased the property - then it selects the state, changing its laws and regulations, thereby protecting the interests of specific individuals. Meanwhile, any economy cannot develop if the person produces will not feel free, if unable to enjoy the fruits of their labor. It is here - the reason that Russia still leave the experts, political Protestants, economic refugees, leaving their homeland in the immutability of obsolete social institutions and relationships. And the only important task of modernization is to get rid of these obsolete social institutions and relations.
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