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5.1. National leaders.

In the Centre of the NC the administrative methods continue to dominate - constant personnel changes in the levels of government, that is only temporary. More thorough yet is the impact on public opinion. For example, a significant number of Russian politicians of the nationalist ethnoelite often present as a provocation of some powerful entities (foreign intelligence agencies, foreign governments, etc.), local public opinion believes that organized national movements are generated only by selfish interests and are associated with a redistribution of power and economic resources. According to Michael Urban, professor of political science at the University of California, "a variety of respite groups set the state machine in motion, which use it for their own benefit".

Under these conditions, clans and respite groups without full impact were beyond the control of the federal government. But they also are difficult to control and direct use of force by local law enforcement agencies, which themselves often are under the supervision of various clans and are forced to use the force of law selectively.

Emphasis in the work with national leaders are determined depending on the specific conditions and chosen tactics of information-psychological influence. For example, some of them:

• providing leadership possible support, as part of the most relevant financial and administrative structures, and from procentral science and culture worker, enjoying prestige among the general population.

• surround leadership team of supporters that are guaranteed to support the proposed Center program and block all approaches to the leaders of the people who disagree with the proposed concepts.

• to create a system of antiselection not loyal candidates to the Centre with opportunities, "embedding" the right people in key positions.

• to move to live in Moscow the parents of leaders, under any pretext - comfort, medical care, etc. ("honorary hostage.")

• children also to learn and to live in Moscow that take over the culture, married Russian, and later, leading authority in the republic, had already been a reliable guide of the Center's policy.

• involvement non formal leaders to cooperate with the formal structures of the Centre to change the universal value system (co-optation).

The term "national authority" means not only government representatives but also "a shadowy horse" - people believed that the known range of issues is critical to the nation. Often these people do not occupy high positions and their status is not in contact with the Centre. But they form an opinion, which is then defended the authorities of the republics. In all North Caucasian republics of the senior positions in government, the largest economic entities occupy a total number of people in the kinship between them. It is extremely important to find these "shadow key person" familiar with their opinions, and if possible try to covertly persuaded to "think in the direction of Russia", because today even the post can become the head mufti of the administration of republic. You need to create entire departments in the security services aimed at obtaining as much information about national prestige, especially confidential information (interests, preferences and dependencies, strengths and weaknesses, the love of preference, the dark side of biography, which he deserved reputation, etc.

Shadow key figures can be as speaker of the lower house of parliament, and the widow of the former President. Reputation of a leader in the Caucasus - is the foundation upon which rests the reputation of the clan, family, people, and because it is flexible characteristics, it can vary as to the best and the worst. As a leading technology of the work with leaders it needs skilled use, first of all, mass communication: from the formation of an attractive image - design and distribution of the image perceived positively by a majority of the population to spread a negative image. The latter is especially important if the power in the country comes to an opposition leader, here the main task will be a gradual disruption of management, discredit and then failover of management of situation.

We should not forget about the leaders, sent from the Center to the NC. They should strictly observe the Caucasian ethics, customs and behavior even more than Caucasians, in order to gain true respect ("he is one of us, and he is the best of us and he will give us more than any of us"). Not only the senators-Caucasians living in Moscow and feeling themselves like home in the republics, but the Russian senators (at least some) it would not hurt to have got their home in the NC. These processes will improve the participation of not in only interpersonal but also in mass communications in Russian on the NC.
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