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5.2. Intellectuals, cultural workers and artists.

The main driving force of the reconstruction and anti-communist revolution in 1991 in the center the Soviet intelligentsia was called, the main sections of which were inherent in the "national nihilism", "Marxist cosmopolitanism," "Marxist internationalism." However, current developments in the republics developed entirely under the influence of local ethnointelligent elites that have adopted the national idea and nationalism became quickly a major flag for any and all republics of the NC. In this regard the work of A.N. Anisimov, attempted to explain the political "secrets" of post-perestroika and the entire previous history of ethnic relations in the Soviet Union through the struggle of elites, including ethnic and marginalized - in interim national or cultural sense of community groups a particular orientation, together forming the so-called "marginal Russian community." With age of V.V. Putin republican nationalism gradually began to be modified from the acute form of open to total diffuse. To conduct long-term modernization needs are constantly expanding and renovating the cultural, intellectual, engineering elite. To information and psychological effects were widespread and effective, it is necessary to work with people from the depths of determining public opinion. In the center of impact should be intellectuals and correct management of the process it will become a mass scale. While a secular education itself does not relieve a person from the common stereotypes in society, but it broadens the mind, makes a person more flexible thinking and, consequently, less stereotypical. In this sense the rise of secular education in the NC is one of the necessary conditions for overcoming nationalistic prejudices. Science, technology and culture are inseparable.

Layer of the intelligentsia in NC is very differentiated. Mass of the "ordinary" (teachers, doctors, etc.), intellectuals, mostly very poor, is in opposition. Along with this group there is a layer of "elite" intellectuals, largely close to the government. It must firstly find like-minded allies in republics. To extend the value of the Union of Writers, Artists' Union, the Union of Cinematographers, the Union of Composers, etc. With their help to begin to influence people. To finance privately only work that will contribute to integration, to extol the work, praising the greatness of monolithic Russia, i.e. to exercise boosters of social behavior and to make so an indirect impact through the works of art. Accentuation of the attention of the Centre on national cultural figures will give them a sense of belonging to ethnoelite that in the future will also affect their loyalty.

That position, which in Russian society scientific and technical and humanitarian intellectuals have got in Russian society, does not hold any criticism. No matter how many words in support of culture and science may now pronounce Russian leaders, in fact going on, just in different forms, the old politics of anti-intellectualism, leading Russia to ruin. There is no a decisive change in respect of the intelligentsia from the government and society.

As a first step in this direction should be at the state level to deploy a merciless war against anti-intellectualism, moral, which the media preaches. Anti-intellectualism must become the object of public scorn, cause rejection of the society. Worship of religion heated by median, as well as contempt for knowledge and intelligence, is incompatible with modernization.

Unlike the North Caucasus clan thinking, mental work is individual in nature. For the intelligentsia, certain peculiar individualism is pertained. The purpose of intellectual work, especially for intellectuals is the founding a new, usually opposed to the settled and generally accepted. This lays the groundwork for a break with the tradition, shifting the intelligentsia to the center. Here fashion appears brightly on certain views, the creation of idols and follow their instructions. In modern terms, perhaps it is the intelligentsia, as it is paradoxical at first glance, the most inspired part of the North Caucasus Society. In addition, the Centre needs to hurry before the pro-Western intellectuals do not work for.
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