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5.3. Representatives of religious and ethnic organizations.

The process of modernization necessitates balancing, stabilizing the relationship between the institutional structures of modern and traditional structures, which is what the religious and ethnic organizations.

Most national movements of NC sooner or later turn to organizations promoting actively the idea of either independence or the construction of the righteous Islamic society in the country. Considering the ethno-political situation in the republics, it is easy to see that the characteristic feature of virtually all national movements is the desire for national autonomy (self-rule). Unfortunately, the destructive nature of the large number of influential officials of national associations, who claim themselves as institutions of civil society - is a political reality that the Centre is reckoned with.

It is very difficult to enter in an Islamic environment in the Caucasus. You can be together all the time, but to line up in the environment is very difficult. In addition there are national religious, kinship, clan details, which will never be traced by another person without that thought. The work of bribery and compromising is unproductive. Everything should be based on friendly terms. Any overly straightforward physical impact not only prospectively, but also leads to negative consequences.

Right now the representatives of dangerous ideology are, above all, traditional cell regulating inter-ethnic and intra-process (Jamaat, tapes, tuhums or various forms of clans, families, etc.). Jamaat yet, as the structure of traditional Islamic society operate, in a completely diverse areas, the Centre can form its controlled Jamaat.

In European countries, migration experts are preparing for the university level, with experience in training of anthropologists. At the time of meeting the employment with immigrant officials need to determine where is he from to provide linguistic and cultural contact, help solve housing, legal matters. All these are problems of cultural interaction, the specialists with a degree in social anthropology will successfully solve it they have knowledge of cultures, sociology, organization and practical arrangement of the people.
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