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5.4. Show business and film idols.

Immediate support of ethnic integration - those few show business stars and the idols, coming from the republics of the NC. Personnel for entertainment, serials, films must be drawn from all the republics. Institute of show business must be accessible, not closed. Accessible in two ways: first, it must be conscious of its responsibility and its multicultural mission, and secondly, any person from any of the republic, should have equal chances with others join the ranks of the elite show. Today, the show has degenerated into a closed elite caste. The output of such degeneracy can only be the constant competition of ideas and options for cultural entertainment solutions, i.e. competition among the most elite show, expanding opportunities for updating a caste of singers and actors and flows in their series of fresh forces. Alas, in recent years, the chances to enter the ranks of these representatives in the North Caucasus republics have become even more unequal than they were at the end of the Soviet Union. And this inequality is increasing, which reduces the integration objective basis of ethnicity and upgrades. It is vital to reverse this trend. This requires long-term, sound government program selection and training of talented representatives of the NC and bringing them to the Russian scene.

Of course, it is difficult to describe exactly how to can and should form the mass culture in Russia, what are the mechanisms of its functioning and prospects for changes in intelligent-oriented. The most preferred route of its formation would be a multicultural way, with particular reliance on the representatives of small nations. Social base would be greatly expanded, suspended mass process of lumpenization.
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