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Demonstration of the popular obedience (the election of party of the power and the President of the Russian Federation, 2007 and 2008.) plays an important role, but more important to influence on religious and ethnic processes, gives priority not to purchase a temporary power structures and ethnoelit and reliable integration into national and religious structure with the possibility of change, while using the full range of ethno-religious ideology. North Caucasian peoples can be modified so that their ideological sphere will start to assimilate with the Russian, with the irreversible extinction of ethnicity and religion of both.

It is clear that ethnicity, including religious are very tenacious and very difficult altered under the influence from the outside, especially if the traditional ways of being act sufficiently effective (or perceived as such). In this regard, some of the principles of the psychological impact in addressing national issues and cannot find support among the elites of the republics and, consequently, have to be transformed into a hidden. Covert conduct can be productively used in management practice only since the interpersonal level. First, to raise the image of Russian. Second, to mitigate the forms of coercion, without that, unfortunately, today the Center of the NC cannot get along. Third, to eliminate contradictions between ethnolichnostnymi (personal) goals, desires and included motivations in the process of achieving a common goal - a strong united country.

The basis in the principle of embedding is the group controlled by pro-Russian Party of the Centre, located within a group, first of all: national leaders, intellectuals, cultural workers, representatives of various religious and ethnic organizations, migrants and diasporas (in Russia), law enforcement and businesselite; Mohajirs (Middle East); athletes, both professionals and amateurs.
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