Home address of the project - http://www.cultown.org/
   The structure of the project:
  1. "Art" - contains information about the artists with a brief biographical note of them as fully as possible the collections of paintings, but also provides information about the museums and galleries and events taking place in them;
  2. "Literature" - is devoted to literary creativity in all its forms, such as prose, poetry, philosophy, criticism, satire, etc.;
  3. "Movie" - includes information about the currently filmed movies, events and venues of screenings, as well as reviews and notes on the most significant events;
  4. "Music" - covers the activities of the musicians and composers in the most different genres, as well as information about current events and opinions of site visitors about them.
   The users of the project is to offer their different ideas and seek companions in their implementation, allowing you to exploit the border to the vision, as soon as it is possible to see from different angles, for example, a picture of eyes writer or the book through the lens of the camera. This allows you to bring in the project not only professionals, but also the younger generation, whether students or just ordinary people with an interest in the various fields of culture. The project activity is cross-national and international dimensions - cultural life of any society is the most malleable and easy to create a conversation and exchange between different peoples and countries.
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