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3.4. Attitude to financial prosperity.

The problem of the relationship between economic issues in the context of the situation in the NC has now become the most discussed. The main theoretical question is to identify the root causes: whether militants (radical separatists) driven by the belief that after separation from the Russian Federation their material well-being will improve, or if they are willing to sacrifice the well-being in order to achieve more important goals - the assertion of their religious identity (the Shariah board ) national identity (independent state)?

As for the words of the local population - "subsidies of the NC are not because of endowment of natural resources scarcity and lack of willingness to work, but because all the financial proceeds used to benefit individual families, have turned the public service in the business. And everybody knows these families." Family today in the Caucasian sense - is a limited number of people, consisting of one another in kinship, friendship and economic relations. Almost all social ties of treatment in the clinic to obtain driver's licenses are local, personalized, inter-personal nature, or through friends or "acquaintances of acquaintances." It is characterized by "choral" praise of the first person, and he is also a "money-bag holder."

In general, the statistics of income (unemployment, etc.) on the NC should be treated critically. It is doubtful that the average resident of Ingushetia, according to their income (given to a living wage) lives almost 1.5 times worse than a resident of the Ivanovo region. If judged not by the average wage or fiscal capacity, and on other parameters (size and quality of housing, automobile ownership, the volume of foreign currencies replaceable, health status, number of students, the average life expectancy), it turns out that the NC is not a "zone of poverty. "Despite the weak economy, political instability and lack of investment, people here know how to equip your life. And if you judge the level of affluence of the population on the prices of primary and secondary housing markets, calculated by Goskomstat (data of 2003) Makhachkala gives up only to Moscow, St. Petersburg, Khanty-Mansiysk.

Sure, the special ethnic and cultural mentality of people is markedly different from NC nationwide. Even under the Soviet socio-political situation in the Caucasus has developed its own laws, often do not fit into the party claims. "For the people that traditionally inhabit the NC, the Soviet rate (consumption) is absolutely unacceptable, as entered into conflict with the by centuries of custom and tradition, spiritual, moral and cultural values. In the republics of the NC have no homes and live in poverty is a disgrace.

In attempts targeting economic order to the Centre should take into account that the financial well-being and to demonstrate its always been quite significant in NC: a better house with a high and beautiful fence, the best car to live with dignity, but do not work hard, etc. It depends on ethnic consciousness and spiritual traits and traditions of local peoples. Where in the mentality prevailing pragmatism, rationalism, and civil-territorial base ethnoideology the value of financial wealth can be principled, or even decisive. But in practice, namely the effect of material requirements ("we have unemployment and poverty") and even in a time of blackmailing ("Give the money to put down the rebels') contributed to define the economic vector to create NCFR, at least officially," in order to settlement of the ethnic, cultural and religious differences to fight poverty must become a fundamental principle of the development of southern Russia. "One gets the impression that the time for the rest of Russia "to live in poverty is not considered a disgrace," let them to provide the people of the NC.

In the North Caucasus, even democratic society, personification of public relations clearly restricts access to economic resources and management of representatives of the "minority" as having an effective strength of the representatives of the "majority" have more opportunities to provide direct and immediate impact on their position in the hierarchy of power . Suspicion, resentment, a sense of injustice and powerlessness in these conditions occur more frequently and, above all, in most small nations. Thus, analyzing the scant information on the biographies of liquidated Salafi militants, you might notice some characteristics most of them did not have any family ties with the ruling ethnoklans.
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