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4.6.  International Islamic organizations.

In the Soviet years abroad there were several major research centers for the study of regions of traditional Islam. The Central Asian Society showed particularly activity in Oxford. Together with the Oxford College of St. Antony and the London Centre of Central Asian studies, it has published "The Central Asian Newsletter" and magazine "Central Asian Review." Publications devoted to the republics of Central Asia and the NC. Original function of the coordinator of American, British, West German and French Islamists carried out by Professor A. Bennigsen, director of the Center for Social Research at the Graduate School of Social Sciences, University of Paris . Under his leadership, theses about the "forgotten" and "oppressed" Muslims of the Soviet Union, on "Islamic renaissance" and the suppression of the rights of Muslims have developed.

Significant role in the radicalization of Islam played educational and publishing center of Salafi (neovahhabit) hand, created with the help of foreign Islamic foundations and organizations . Extensive research and outreach activities have been and are centers of the Middle East. Among them are: Institute of Muslim minorities in the name of King Abdulaziz University in Saudi Arabia, the Academy of Islamic Research at Al-Azhar University in Egypt, the Institute for the study of Islam in Pakistan. If the Academy of Islamic Studies in Cairo, prepares and sends missionaries to many countries, and Pakistan's Islamic Research Institute conducts international conferences and symposiums on issues of mutual relations of nations and nationalities and religions of Russia and the CIS, the Research Institute for Muslim minorities in dealing with the problems of history, law, economy, political situation of Muslim minorities, and its main purpose - the fight against anti-Islamic tendencies.

Since 1978 International organization of Freedom of Press and Information has been operating in Egypt this is a joint American-Egyptian-Saudi company clerical nature, intended for distribution in the Muslim world, the ideas of the Western lifestyle. Saudi Arabia is financing this body, and Egypt immediately circulates in the press these ideas, cultivating anti-Christian sentiment among Muslims in the country, the Near and Middle East. In particular, repeatedly they publish books of Sayyid Qutba ("The role of the white man came to an end", "Islam is the only true way of life", etc.), where the author has repeatedly condemned the policy of the Soviet Union against the Muslim peoples: "The Russian is next to an Englishman, an American, a Frenchman, Swiss a Swede and the other white on one level ... However, it seems fallen behind with his Russian enslavement regime, which cannot exist without the ugly of police resources is unthinkable that a regime without a "blood bath", periodical and regular "cleansing" of concentration camps and death camps. The reason is that such a regime is in sharp contrast with the original human nature, both in general and in particular ... "

The clerical-nationalist emigration organizations "Turkistan Liberation" (Indonesia), "Bundesfray" (Germany), "Eastern Turkestan Cultural Society", "Company culture and mutual Turk North Caucasus"

(Turkey), "The Muslim committee" (Federal Republic of Germany) exhibit significant activity.

The changing of tactics, mostly boils down to the transfer of the major focus of work funded by the World Islamic League (VCSEL, Saudi Arabia), Islamic organizations in the territory of Russia and CIS countries2. Thanks to the Department of Islamic Affairs of the Embassy were restored ties with important centers for foreign representatives of Muslim clergy in Russia and created the necessary conditions for their promotion of religious leaders in various republics.

Creating a "base supporters" among the local clergy, the embassy started to attract to work in Russia, Saudi various foundations and organizations. By 1993 in Moscow and other cities Fund "Ibrahim bin Ibrahim", "Ahmed al Daghestani", "Organization of Islamic solidarity," Madrasah King Fahd, "Society of Shamil," etc. have opened their branches. These organizations that are managed and funded through the Department of VCSELs for Muslim minorities, have been called, by the creation of parallel structures of Islamic and Islamic opposition, to approve the Saudi influence in the Caucasus and Russia as a whole. In the course has been put everything: delivery and free distribution of tens of millions of copies of the Koran and other religious literature, publication of which was banned in the country, bribing some religious leaders, the signing of various contracts for the construction of mosques and cultural Islamic centers, the organization of free pilgrimage, study abroad and much more.

More than 5,000 Saudi missionaries are working in many countries around the world. Beginning since 1992-1994 in Chechnya, Kabardino-Balkaria, Karachay-Cherkessia, Dagestan, Bashkortostan and Saudi organizations over the structure they had created have begun to open a network of paramilitary camps to learn the basics of Islam. In the camps, an intense ideological and military training for youth - "the future defenders of Islam" were carried out. What importance was given to these camps in Chechnya, seen from below-cited documents: "Developing the youth physically and with the nature of military organizations, they (the camp) can fill the gap that exists in our movement to liberate the homeland. Young people brought up in the national and Islamic spirit, can become a steel skeleton, which will form the basis for future national army."4 These camps soon under the guidance of foreign missionaries and trainers have become centers for training Islamic militants.

As a form of activity Islamic organizations are using the summer training camps for adults and youth, work which paid by very close attention. Boot Camp is essentially the first phase of indoctrination Muslims by shaping their image of "the good of the faithful brothers" who perform the covenants of the Holy Quran to help "the downtrodden and oppressed" Muslim minorities in European countries. That it begins breeding work on the allocation of the total mass of the most able students, who are then invited to study in courses abroad, where it begins the second phase of their treatment in the spirit of jihadism. These camps and various courses are conducted under the cover of the dogma about the da'wa , attracting Muslims to participate actively in missionary work. The task of the missionary is not only foundation of a new religious network in the country preaching, but first and foremost, to realize the interests of their states. "Always in history, they were the first to change the national psychology and mentality of the people among whom worked, clearing the way for the Army."
Since 2000, the situation in Russia has dramatically changed. Almost a couple of years most of the foreign Islamic mission were dismantled and folded, and the remaining individual Islamic organizations from Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Pakistan are no longer of any force. Also the flow of students from the Muslim republics of the Russian Federation in the Middle East centers sharply reduced. A large part of the spiritual power went into the hands of the Spiritual Administration of Muslims.
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