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4.7. The influence of the Russian Orthodox Church to protest of the NC.

Use of Orthodoxy in the policy of the Federal Center has its own characteristics. First, the Orthodox religion today is one of the structures that claim to totality in the description picture of the world, along with science, and, therefore, has no dominant influence on public consciousness. Second, the ROC today by the law - one of many religious organizations in Russia (which is equal in status to others), for the first time in history forced to "equal" to compete for his flock not only from the different currents of Islam, Judaism and Buddhism, but also with many different areas of Christianity. This causes the ROC to use new forms of participation in public life, that is the reason for the transformation of its subjectivity, including the political.

Third, the ROC has always identified itself only with the Russian people, and what does not hide its nationalist essence: "We must openly admit - writes the Metropolitan of St. Petersburg and Ladoga, John - that Russia is a state of the Russian people. In this simple statement of the obvious historical fact cannot be anything offensive for anybody." These are Russians, according to the lord, "are the cement that pulls the state structure in Russia: a community of Yakuts and Lezgins, Tartar and Veps supported only by the fact that they are equally included in the sovereign body of Russia." Accordingly, for the settlement of international relations at present they invit to "return to a healthy imperial practice, involving the full (real, not sham) freedom of the local national government in conjunction with our vigorous exception in favor of Moscow all the issues of national importance". Metropolitan John demands: "We must immediately declare that a situation where millions of Russian people suddenly found themselves" abroad "of Russia as a result of irresponsible political games, vicious and unnatural for a long time cannot be tolerated. The composition of Russia should unconditionally open to all the land on which the Russian population constitutes the majority".

Another 26-28th of May 1993 in Moscow, in St. Daniel's monastery church was held under the auspices of the work the first World Russian Council. One of the most important was the decision of the council to declare Russian dismembered nation, and to proclaim their right to association. At the council they raised the question of Russian national identity, or, in other words, about who may consider themselves Russian, or regarded as such. In accordance with the pre-revolutionary traditions have been identified two criteria. First: the Russian is a collective generic term which includes the Great Russians, Little Russians and

Belarusians. Second, one alien people was considered as Russian, adopted the Orthodox faith. These two criteria, as well as the recognition that at the heart of the Russian state should be based on the idea of the idea of catholicity cannot help but affect the protest of population of the NC.
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