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For the integration one of the key factors of success is the knowledge of general psychological situation in the NC and the individual psychological portraits of every nationality. It would be a mistake to think that only through economic measures and rehabilitation of social infrastructure can solve the problems of the NC. No less important is the changing of psychology, in the NC, which allowed only a few years ago, "the market of Russian slaves in the city center, sitting on the chains with the marks on the ears".
A shared identity and socio-economic, political and historical conditions of development, lifestyle, culture, led to the formation of the typical traits of the national- psychological of representatives of the NC. Even with the peoples of the Caucasus there are distinct differences. In this case, it makes sense to compare some aspects of Russian and Caucasians to determine significant differences between them. And the general negative historical path, and different mental environment, and different ideological and religious sources have formed a disparate ontological foundation. The spiritual and psychological dissonance "Caucasian" and "Russian" formally proved himself in office and isolation, but its deep character was detected during the "parade of sovereignties" when there was a rift between Moscow and heading into a variety of reforms, and the NC, with his traditionally-conservative tendencies.
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