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6.4.2. Chechnya - Dagestan.

Both republics are closely related ethnic and cultural and historical development: in the western part of Dagestan (Khasavyurt district, etc.) live almost 70 thousand of ethnic Chechens (akintsy-Chechens). The Chechen population of Dagestan is not only demanding the return of their former Chechen territory, where at one time the Dagestani peoples (in particular, Laks) moved, but also are ready to join the movement for separation from Dagestan, in order to reunite with "ethnic homeland". In turn, the nationalist forces in Chechnya have territorial claims on Dagestan.

Background. In 1943, on the basis of nine village councils (15 farms), taking into account the ethnic composition was created Auhovsky area in which they lived 14.5 thousand of Chechens, or about half of all Vainakhs Dagestan. According to living Akintsev, the creation of the district was done to pacify the upcoming deportation (preparation for large-scale repressive action begun in 1942). The 7th of June 1944 Auhovsky district was renamed Novolakskoye of Dagestan ASSR. In the village of the district Novolaks, mountain villages were resettled Laks, in Chechen villages Kazbek district - the Avars.

From January the 3rd 1957 Akkintsy formally able to return home, they were invited to settle in the five districts of Dagestan and the territory of the former Auhovsky district remained for them under strictly forbidden. Thus the foundation was laid for the formation of future ethnic conflicts. Chechens in Dagestan and in the countryside live in very compact groups are some extent "closed" society. The deployed process from the Rehabilitation of Repressed Peoples in 1991 put a visible impact on political thinking and behavior auhovtsev and historical memory and the constant reference to the history support in the Chechen society stable and high activity concentrations.

The present situation. The main tension in the Chechen-Dagestan border lies between the Dagestani town of Kizlyar and the Chechen village of Borozdinovskaya. Due out in the last few years cleansing Avar population of the village gradually leaves and stays in a camp under Kizlyar. The same situation is in other villages in Chechnya - Dargins leave Dubovskoy. The only thing today assured the Avars and Dargins it is that they are not expelled by the militants.

So about a thousand of ethnic Avars, who lived in the village and scared stiff sweep left their homes in search of protection and crossed into Dagestan. Dagestani authorities seem to be willing to support them, but require them to remain in the administrative territory of Chechnya. The refugees refuse to return. Who was held house-to-house searches in Borozdinovskaya that caused the relocation of people is unclear. But is clearly something else: a makeshift camp on the outskirts of Kizlyar got to the point of intersection of several political intrigues in Chechnya and Dagestan. "We would never go back to Borozdinovka - say refugee women. - Allah I swear, I'd rather sleep here on earth than will go back. The Nazis did not do so, as it did with us! "

According to locals, the 4th of June 2008 at noon in the village, inhabited mostly Avars, the captivity there in the early 1950s from the mountain Tsuntinsky and Tsumadin regions of Dagestan, came on the same armored personnel carriers and dozens of cars around 400 armed men in camouflage. According to the residents, these people spoke in Chechen.

Arrived, according to witnesses, began to pick up men and boys over 15 years. "We have a school outside the village, they were herded back into the yard, said to pass through the computer. My husband was there, he told how they were beaten, kicked him how to walk. Chechens from Borozdinovskaya got too, but almost immediately released, and the Avars and the Russian were beaten saying: "It's you free room, the first prize. Then let’s see how you will behave. "The husband then said it would be better to kill than to hear what they're talking about. We went to school to see what they're doing, but they did not let us - shooted and smoke bombs blew up. And then, towards evening, others arrived - a tie, the white jeep. Who are they we did not know. They said: "Everybody except Ramzan Kadyrov." And several times repeated that he was not

About 11 o'clock the men at the school noticed that the security was removed. Their passports, they found at school dotted across the table and hurried to the village, where going out two burnt down houses. The third house also was burned, but was not completely burned. In one of the houses found dead old man, and in another - human remains, "they collected two basins of charred bones, jaw, kneecap and the lips."

While borozdinovtsy believe that two people were killed and 11 other visitors take with them. There is evidence that these detainees are held on the basis of the Feds in Khankala, but the locals refuse to recognize the villagers of the charges and the photos and videos suggest that the detainees also were killed. "They took ten Avars and a Russian named Lacko - says borozdinovets Mohammed. - He went to a friend from Kizlyar, here the swimming in the lake is well. They say that in our district department he was controlled, he was visually impaired. Isn’t he a fighter? "

The only thing today assured local residents it is that Borozdinovskaya was not defeated by the militants. What form actually spent the first house-to-house searches in a tough little village, more or less successfully survived both the war, it is impossible to say certainty. The presence of APC does not indicate that it might be the feds: Kadyrov and other local law enforcement agencies in recent years are armored.

Yes, these are ethnic Dagestans, but the inhabitants of Chechnya, - said," News Time" Prime of Dagestan Atay Aliyev. - The Commission is working, a criminal case. We are not against relocation, we will always be for these people, but we live in a part of a united Russia. We will not let a precedent of ethnic cleansing! ".

Double the 8th and the 11th of Jun people of Borozdinovskaya blocked the road Grozniy - Kizlyar in protest against the kidnapping of eleven villagers.

About a thousand ethnic Dagestani residents in the village of Borozdinovskaya Shelkovskaya district of Chechnya, have begun to collect belongings and leave their houses. Trucks with household goods, furniture, and cattle cross the administrative border of Dagestan and Chechnya, and discharged a few kilometers from Kizlyar, in the meadow at the federal checkpoint, near which the refugees are going to break out of Borozdinovskaya camping. Actually there are no tents for refugees selected place yet: all of their belongings are under the open not cloudless sky. Judging by the thoroughness with which the villagers organized move, back to Chechnya, they will not return, and they intend to destroy or burn their homes, so have not got the Chechens.
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