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6.4. Medium level - the inter-republican conflicts.

At the middle level there are conflicts over the boundaries between the neighboring republics. This type of conflict is a variable character - with instant equity of mass violence to low-intensity combat operations and stops. Touching on the significant issues of national identity and power, they are difficult to resolve through negotiation and compromise. If an agreement is reached, it often happens that it is not signed by all the "power" in the republics, and usually the agreement followed a short time. These conflicts are characterized by greater stability (rigidity, conservatism) of ethnic processes in comparison with local ones. Inter-republican conflicts do not end with their completion, after completion of the direct combat - during the "licking wounds" - the conflict can be stored in the form of social competition and appear in the image of the enemy and prejudices.

The longer the conflict, the more likely relative people will be involved in it as helpers: the Chechens for the Ingush, kudartsy (South Ossetians) for irontsev, Adyghians for Circassians, Karachay for Balkar . When inter-ethnic clashes the third of the nation are involved, the conflict becomes a tendency to expand and aggravation. As it deepens, each side seeks to enlist the support of people close to her culture. As a result of this "syndrome kindred peoples' inter-republican conflicts have a higher potential for escalation.

Conflict of Ossetians and Ingush over the right bank is the most powerful of all ethnic in the NC. But you cannot write off the potential risk of the fraternal republics of Chechnya and Ingushetia. Already there is a negative experience when the "Kadyrovtsy" conducted operations in Ingushetia and Dagestan - and in both countries this has led to clashes between the security forces. Now in an ethnically and mentally closest to Chechnya republic of Ingushetia there is actively trying to Kadyrov's discontent to lead special operations on its territory. Disputed territory (Sunzha and Malgobek districts), each of the republics said their lack of precise boundaries makes it impossible to local governments.
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