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7.3. Poverty is it the cause of the radicalization of Islam?

It is assumed that poverty, underdevelopment, unemployment and other similar phenomena have led to the emergence and consolidation of radical Islam in the NC. Most of the official statements of the first persons of the Russian Federation indicate that. But, increasingly, independent experts say that more money the region gets, the more there is corruption, which generates instability. Such opinions are justified for several reasons:

• First, it is impossible to explain why radicalism is on the rise only in Dagestan, Chechnya and

Ingushetia, where the economic situation is the same as across the NC, and a considerable part of Russian Federation;

• Secondly, on the basis of economic reasons, they do not understand why any extremism, including Islamic radicalism appears in societies that are socially and economically are much more fortunate than others. Moreover, statistical analysis confirms that a standard of living does not directly lead to an increase Islamic extremism. Saudi Arabia is one of the most prosperous countries in the Middle East, but especially Saudi society is the base of support for Islamic radicalism. On the other hand, Mauritania is one of the poorest countries in the region, but until recently it was impossible to say that there religious extremism had acquired too strong position. In addition, many leaders of the most extreme Islamist groups are from wealthy families who are on the upper floors of the social ladder, they got a good modern education, which allows to draw a parallel between them and the leaders and ideologists of the Communist and left-extremist movements of the past. Chief ideologue of al-Qaida, Ayman al-Zawahiri - is not only a highly educated man, a doctor, but also comes from a family of Egyptian university rectors. The very Osama bin Laden is known belongs to one of the richest families of Saudi Arabia.

• And third, increasingly independent experts point out that "the more money gets the region, the more there is corruption, which generates a radical situation".
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