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7.4.  Dynamics of funding gangs.

Because of the explicit demonstration of the economic component when creating NCFO need to trace the history of gangs, focusing on their funding.
The first step is a beginning. It is usual to start the reseach of its kind the "data movements were emerged with the collapse of the Soviet Union." Dropping out of attention to the religious character of the Caucasian War few sources mention that the first representatives of preaching the salaf appeared in Daghestan in the 50s of last century and had no special interest, even from straights. Financing is no.

The second phase is development. Initially, teams were formed by all types of radicals, and even the criminal world. Also, the development of "pure Islam" went extremely fast. Muslim centralized structure of the NC, feeling an urgent need for educated clergy, supported the practice, usually choosing the schools, their students pay for travel, study, meals and lodging. Financing was the establishment of contacts, even a large "disinterested" help all the Russias official Islamic leaders.

The third stage is the peak and the "slide towards conflict” (1996 - 1999). Educated and ambitious students started to come back, forming the backbone of the Salafi movement. In fact, the total power in Chechnya, camps and reliable fastening in Ingushetia and Dagestan, where even had time to create a mini-state (Karamakhi, Chabanmakhi and Kadar). The first insemination of the idea occured in Karachay-Cherkessia, Kabardino-Balkaria and Stavropol Territory. The first murder of supporters of traditional Islam started. Funding is to stop "disinterested" help, and on a clear list of performed tasks.

The fourth stage is the fall. Crushing defeat in the second Chechen campaign, and lucky enough to work with the Center mufti of Chechnya dramatically increased antivahhabits campaign. The defeat in Chechnya, spraying Salafist movement in other republics of the NC has transformed the "resistance" part of "guerrilla", partly mobile, loosely connected terrorist groups. In all republics antivahhabits laws began to appear. The Mufti of Chechnya as soon as possible unites traditional Muslims of the republic and even helps to restore DUMNC, joining seven Republican muftiates a focal point of Muslims of the NC. Loss of many ties with the West and East. Funding - end due to external assistants.

The fifth stage is the calm, the reassessment, the completion of the human resource. Reducing to spray the number of high-profile bombings and attacks on towns across Russia on pinpoint strikes at their local chief opponents. Active work on forming the image of the population: a comparison of corrupt Russian officials and imams, cruel and immoral law enforcers Russian. Sometimes they even offer support services for the generous assistance and protection against these enemies.

Generational changed - in mono-ethnic republics have grown new fighters not born in the USSR, who knows Russian only as military as watching them on images of digital TV and having a clear stereotyping ("Drunk," "homosexual," "henpecked", etc.) . There is job growth in all the republics, nearly losing the only Chechen ethnic hue, Ingush, Karachay, Kabardins were actively involved. There is improvement of combat tactics and strategies, changes in the frontal battles, sabotage and terrorist attacks point. Brigades are able to quickly change the location, maneuver and, if necessary combined with other similar groups established a stable relationship. Ties with the West and East are minimal. The presence of Middle Eastern Muslim pilgrims is not much. Periodically there is the direction of local fighters and intellectuals to study the tactics in the centers of the Middle East. Funding is from local officials (the tribute is being heralded as zakat).

The sixth stage is modernization. More frequently in the ranks of the radicals appear and remain as ideologues, local representatives of the Muslim intelligentsia, students, graduate students, scientists, etc. They started slowly (yet very slowly) to develop future ideology of the NC. When saving as a base, Salafi ideas, they bring amazing shades of experience of Imams of the Caucasian War, losses of Chechen companies, while adding the specific psychology of the North Caucasian peoples. Until today the main problem lies in their splicing of Islam and the traditions, customs of the Caucasus, in the assimilation of religious and nationalist ideas.
Analyzing all the stages, it is incorrect attempt to link funding from abroad progressiveness of the potential for conflict. Channels overlap, of course, affected the overall picture of the movement, but not its end. The lack of big money in some way even made it possible to recruit into the ranks of radical intellectuals, people unselfish, dreaming of "paradise" in the Caucasus. Given all the above, it becomes clear disparaging statements about the radical hopes of the Russian Center through socio-economic measures to solve the problem of the NC. Ideology can not be defeated either by force or money it might be gone down just another by more powerful ideology.
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