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8.1.  Using the Olympic Games.

Beginning in the mid-twentieth century, the Olympics are not only an important event in the world of professional sport, but also an event of the political scale. Since 1952, when the Soviet Union has decided to take part in the Olympic movement and sends his team in Helsinki, the Olympics turned into a sports ground where the world's two superpowers USSR and the U.S. begin to solve not sport problem. No wonder a few years later, the U.S. President John F. Kennedy famously said that "the prestige of a nation is determined by the flight to the moon and the Olympic gold medal".

In 1980, the political component of the Olympic Games reached its peak. The American President Jimmy Carter urged to boycott the Games in Moscow in protest against the introduction of the 79th Soviet troops in Afghanistan. In response in 1984 Summer Olympics in Los Angeles were boycotted by all, the socialist countries (except Romania, Yugoslavia and China). The restructuring has not stopped the sport cold war. China came into the arena, quickly and reliably replaced Russia.

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) turned the Olympics from the grand sports event in one of the most successful business-projects of modernity. IOC revenue in 2000-2010, accounted for more than ten billion dollars. The Games promises the city and country where it is, billions of dollars in profit and it is not the difference in income and expenditure committee, which is usually quite modest. Olympic Games are the most effective of all possible PR-campaign for the development in the region of international tourism. Built for the Games sporting facilities for many more years can be used to make money, do not forget about the powerful impact for the service of private business from the largest construction companies to small entrepreneurs working in the service sector.

Now the standard price of the Olympic Games is two and a half billion dollars. Half of them get the organizers of the Games, the IOC selects, which in recent years has become a successful multinational corporation. The basis of its business is having exclusive rights to broadcast of the Olympic Games, sponsor contributions, as well as the right to use Olympic symbols and licensing the production of certain goods and souvenirs with Olympic symbols. In the IOC marketing program on the subject says clearly: "In accordance with one of the main provisions of the Olympic Charter the Olympic Games are the exclusive property of the IOC which owns all rights associated with them". Main source of revenue of IOC is selling the rights to broadcast the price of which is steadily growing.

However, such a super popularity of television coverage of the Olympic Games has its downside. Advertisers are final buyers of Olympic TV coverage, are interested in to have TV at that time was going to the largest possible number of potential consumers (not necessarily - true connoisseurs of the sport), as well as to viewers of the maximum coincides with their target audience. This means that Olympic sports are beginning to evaluate on one single criterion: how they look spectacular on television. At the same time to increase the number of hours of TV coverage, and increases the number of sets played out medals.

Increasingly turning into show business, the Olympic competition begin to live by the laws of this business. The stakes in the fight for the medals, which promise to their owners - not just prize money but also serious advertising contracts from potential sponsors are very high. From time to time at the Olympic Games scandals erupt. Such scandals are just another excuse for PR.

So, now the Olympics - it means opening the country in the eyes of the world community, especially if the Olympics are held in this country. Large-scale PR-campaign contribute not only to enhance the prestige of the host country and the development of the resort business, the involvement of people in this country in the process of the Games, but also, importantly, contribute to the output of internal and external contradictions on the world stage.
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