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2.1. Diagnostics of predistructive situations.

The strategy of destruction is developed taking into account the results of the analytical researches spent in each taken republic of the NC, in next edges and areas, and across all the Russian Federation as a whole. Working out of similar analytical research begins with a definition and the detailed description of the basic operating groups. Then the levels of social atmospheres and their dynamic follow:

- The level of trust to social institutes.
- The level of trust to the power and its personified representatives.

- Level of social state of health of the population (separately socially-psychological, social and economic and sociopolitical state of health);

- Level of material well-being of the population;

- Level of social, economic and mental deprivation (in this case, relative deprivation, that is subjective sensation of deprivation of the vital blessings and a dissatisfaction), social intensity (level of a social dissatisfaction is above an average) and social discontent (verbally shown discontent);
- Level of social fears and expectation, specificity of catastrophic consciousness.

- Level of protest and disputed potential of the society, separate categories and population groups;
- Level of social and political activity of the society.
The following:

- Ratings of channels of communications (in particular mass-media), trust level to channels of communications and mass-media);

- Presence and the importance of informal channels of communications, hearings;
- Degree of prevalence of mobile communication;

- Degree of availability to the population of a network the Internet, quantity of the users, the most popular information resources.

On the basis of this information working out of strategy and tactics of actions in frameworks of deconstructive scenario begins. Certainly, it is possible to be limited to less detailed complex of criteria and indicators of a condition of society СК. On the other hand, it is possible to make essential additions and to expand the offered model.
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