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2.2. The formation of antagonism between the NC and other Russia.
All work with mass consciousness (subconsciousness) is spread out of 4 steps:
1) an infection - formation, strengthening and keeping at certain level of disputed will;
2) crystallization - processing of mass disputed will;
3) сanalisation - connection together disputed will of each particularly taken people;
4) performance - carrying out disputed will in the large-scale protest.

Naturally, distinctive conditions of republics define special character and infection forms in each separate case, but organic laws have already worked in the whole region - carrying over of ideological and political struggle from sphere of theoretical consciousness in sphere of ordinary consciousness , using of all available contradictions of Russian Center and ethnic periphery.

In carrying over they address not to scientific arguments and logic arguments, not to reason and at all to the facts, and to the irrational phenomena. They are emotions and instincts (religious and national pride, mercenary interest, ethnic ambitions, an instinct of social and national self-preservation and etc.), prejudices (national and religious) and biases (is usually traditional-historical character).

This work leans against well studied law: repeated repetition of any formula exhausts it in subconsciousness. Therefrom it influences behavior of the person irrespective of, what party pushes consciousness. If suddenly the consciousness starts to reject the formula subconsciousness will block consciousness. The first step of work with population of the NС today comes practically to the end, but it is necessary not to forget about the Caucasians living out of republics. The assimilation of «the pressure» tested by migrants from the NC is rather strong. However there are numerous channels and mechanisms of resistance to it and reproduction of distinctive ethnocultural and religious identity even if it is a question of rather small people. A duty is application of the following expert providings a survival and development of ethnocentrism in Russia:

• Preservation of a native language and its adaptation to new soсial environment (training to native language at home, dialogue in a native language in the family, relatives and in national association); if the diaspora in this district is numerous enough, to ask and demand to organize native language lessons at school for training children;

• Following of Muslim tradition: celebrating of Muslim holidays, mosque visiting, translation of religious tradition to children, in particular by means of training at Sunday schools; compulsory education to the Arabian language, Koran reading;
• Aspiration to get marriage «with the native» and to keep ethnic names of children;

• To keep and transfer to children various elements of national culture: representations about people history, its culture (including the literature, music and etc.) and customs, traditions, skills of preparation of national meal;

• Creation of national societies and associations as steady centers «ethnocentric world» in unnational environment;

• The organization of evenings: with Koran reading; with studying of history of the Caucasian war, and deportation of people of NС; with political discussions concerning a situation in native republics and in the Russian Federation; with national dances etc.

• Maintenance personal informal and official relations with the native land of ancestors or residing territories (for example, the invitation and visiting of concerts and performances of actors from the NС), and also with settlers (muhagirs);
• Wide using of national sites of the Internet and inclusion in network communities, forums;
• To lodge as it is possible more close each other, forming local ethnic settlements (street, quarter).
• To promote each other in the help of employment, to spend ethnization of labor activity.

Athnicity should remain not because it is fixed since a birth but because of that is should be as expression of deep and steady identity of the person and its important component family and private life. At each Caucasian-migrant in the Russian environment the supervaluable idea - greatness of its people, its culture, its religion in comparison with Russian should be generated. For this reason Caucasians shouldn't observe easy when their fellow countryman doesn't carry out customs and traditions of ancestors, avoids the nationality, assimilates with Russian (become a Russian). All possible forces need to be put for its returning in a bosom of the native people.

Crystallization also concerns a preparatory stage, this so-called «skeleton building». Used ways of crystallization are numerous enough:

- repetition of the same thesis of opposition («we are not Russian cattle», «a surname of the working president of republic was on sale to Moscow» etc.);

- references to authorities on a combination to various gamble (beginning from distortion of citations and finishing references to nonexistent sources);

- manipulations with figures and the facts for creation of visibility of objectivity and accuracy (the statistic of alcoholism, a narcotism, divorces, the children's homes, sick of AIDS etc. at Russian);

- tendentious selection of an illustrative material with a stress on effect «neglect» (presence in modern pop culture of Russian of a significant amount of homosexuals, «Russian - gays, cattle, slaves and prostitutes» etc.);

- frightening «evident illustrations» propaganda sights (a photo and video of numerous retaliatory operations of Russian in both Chechen companies);

- coding on «disgust» for a certain word and all that is connected with it (if the child badly conducts itself - «you behave as Russian»; to name dogs Russian names as Peter , Basil , John).

- and other similar receptions basing on creation of emotional discomfort and neutralization of ability of mass consciousness it is rational to estimate coming separatism events.

Practice of use of attributes for crystallization of differences of Caucasians from Russian should be presented very widely. Certainly, use of attributes as a symbol of familiarizing with ethnocentrism, can automatically not lead to momentary formation of unity of Caucasians and their protest against Russian. External distinctions act only as the precondition facilitating this process. However even such superficial partnership in the protest is represented rather valuable.

Thus, the procedure of «familiarizing» giving the formal grounds to oblige Caucasians to separation, without dependence from their sights to wear arabo-islamic symbolics, creates preconditions for visual allocation of a generality «attached», and later it becomes a source of rapprochement of all Caucasian people among themselves.

For today crystallization of mass consciousness has quite good results, thus the Internet is the basic

assistant, carries out a role of «the invisible government», for example: «FSB blew up Russia, and substituted Chechens»; «FSB has prepared insurgents for capture of Beslan, counting on a considerable quantity of children's victims» and etc. Meanwhile across all the Russian Federation the open formula «the people against the criminal power» in it concerning soft variants (for example, «the people against the corrupted bureaucracy») is developed.

Introduction of thought what «the corrupted bureaucracy» (corruption) is now the main collective enemy of the people and the reason of all troubles of Russia, is conducted with such intensity, what even the president of the Russian Federation includes this formula in the performances, understanding or not that himself is the main representative of this power. One of necessary conditions of successful crystallization is so-called «the swing by freedom». In the constitution of Russia as a principle of the federal device equality and self-determination of the people of the Russian Federation is fixed. The international pact about the civil and political rights and the International pact about the economic, social and cultural rights in the first articles say that «all people have the right to self-determination. Owing to this right they freely establish the political status and freely provide the economic, social and cultural development». Further it is said that all states participating in these Pacts should « … encourage realization of the right to self-determination and respect

this right». The duty of the states is «to abstain from any violent acts, depriving the people of their right to self-determination, freedom and independence».

Here it is possible to recite the history of Georgia (this material is enough) about illegal intervention of Russia in its internal affairs and to contribution of separation of Abkhazia and South Ossetia. Thus in the

international Pacts it is specified that «each state should abstain from any actions directed on infringement of national unity and territorial integrity of any other state».
Proceeding from the aforesaid, it is possible to range republics on degree of probability of realization of the collective consent to branch from Russia. In the lead factors of influence on this consent will be:

- A mononationality (the Chechen Republic and Ingushetia);
- The minimum share of Russian (the Chechen Republic, Ingushetia, Dagestan);

- Historically caused desire of branch is the history of violent joining to Russia, active participation in the Caucasian war, collaborative moods in days of the Great Patriotic War, participation in the Chechen crisis and etc. (the Chechen Republic, Ingushetia, few - Dagestan, Kabardino-Balkariya, Karachaevo-Circassia);

- Islamization (Dagestan, the Chechen Republic, Ingushetia);

- Absence  at  the  people  of  the  administrative  formations  (Kabardino-Balkariya,  Karachaevo-

- Desire of reunion with the related people (Adygea, Kabardino-Balkariya, Karachaevo-Circassia - projects Great Circassia and the Caucasian Turkestan).

The history also «is shaken and crystallizes: the main Caucasian hero was and is immam Shamil, the soldier, the Moslem, the defender of the Caucasian culture from Russian; the whole Caucasian people have been exterminated by Russian2, etc. As this factor will play an important role in separations, it is useful to make short digression to history of the Caucasian resistance. In its formation and «fighting» using it is possible to allocate three big processes - the Caucasian war, Deportation and the Chechen crisis. The future separation will lean in many respects against the facts of these historical processes.

Steps of the canalization and performances begin and proceed within the limits of defined cognitive explosion when old rules of interpretation and a reinterpretation cease to work. Kognitivnyj explosion can be natural (the long spent preparation) and is artificial designed (fast). In the latter case it can be the collective protest, religious activity - as all of them change not the facts, and rules.

Kognitivnyj explosion is the result of work of two opposite focused interpretative cars setting understanding of occurring events: the enemy is Russia, the friend is the West (East); the hero is the new person (Antirussian), the enemy is the existing power, a victim is the people.
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