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2.3. Reorientation of sights of the NС to the West and Near East countries.

Today inhabitants of republics don't approach neither to the West, nor to the East. The West is personified by the enemy of the Muslim world , the Near East because of the separation is weak. Within the limits of the offered scenario of separation, every of it has got a one problem - to become authoritative and representative for the NС : it is necessary for the West to appear as respecting religious preferences of Caucasians, and to the East - as the rich friend.

People of the NС never before didn't represent a single whole, differing from each other on language, a life and culture level. Even during an epoch of imam Shamil its influence, conclusive in Dagestan and the Chechen Republic, didn't extend neither to Ossetia, nor on Kabarda. Even attempts of association of mountain emigration round its grandson, undertaken in parallel by Turkey and Poland haven't crowned success. Since 1989 - 2000 for the NС various special services on management of separatic moods of the population were working. However actions of these services had a disbalanced character: the part «pulled» towards Islamization, a part - towards nationalization, and it was necessary for the third only escalation of confrontations for the purpose of consumption of the great volume of arms.

On the NC there was no necessary experience of the independent management, self-sufficient economy. Russian managing directors, engineers, technicians, qualified workers, doctors, teachers were always necessary for normal functioning of economy and social sphere. In creation of own armed forces of republic of the NC also are compelled to lean against Russian staff, an equipment and training. The question is discussed, has Russia subsidized or maintained the NC , but with arrival of a parade of sovereignties was accurately found out that the NC still needs the help of Moscow, and the international help depends on a position of last.

Caucasians can get «independence» only concerning Russia. It means that future separazionniy conflict should be considered not in the logician of upholding of independence and independence of the new Caucasian states, and in the logician of transition of dependence to other center. The power in republics of the NC after disintegration of the USSR always belonged to the Russian Center. As though the Chechen insurgents tried to receive independence of Russia, they haven't been accepted neither under West protection, nor under East protection. Both Islamites, and nationalists - meanwhile all of them represent the parts of the Russian people, and this accessory is weighed over them as something supranational. The given scenario assumes that the republics of the NC receiving legitimacy from hands of the West, will receive also the status of «states», and the East also will render them this service with the consent of the West.

Advancement of political and religious ideas on the NC from the Near East has been carring out not one hundred years. The majority of these ideas has fundamentalist character is the creation uniform shariat boards. Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Iran, Jordan and after failure with Ichkeria continue to support some Islamic organizations on the NC. It also is appreciable on examples of ex- Soviet, nowadays the independent Muslim republics, aspiring to create various forms economic and political connections and to expand the cooperation with the big Muslim neighbors.

It is difficult to tell, which of the countries makes influence today on «degree increase» the Islamic factor on the NC. And still, in view of the future leading part of Muslim groupings, the Muslim governments and associations are important participants of the second and third levels. It is necessary to pay the greatest attention to the governments which always tried to support in various degree to struggle of Moslems against nonmoslems.

The league of the Arabian states and the Organization of Islamic conference provided support and feasibly coordinated efforts of the members for the help to Muslim groupings in intersivilisation conflicts. This Islamic International was involved in such actions, as sending of volunteers for an establishment of board of Islamites; common propaganda wars against the governments resisting to Islamites in this or that country; creation of the Islamic centers in diasporas etc.

Ex-soviet, nowadays independent Muslim republics aspire to create various forms economic and political connections with each other and to expand cooperation with the Muslim neighbors while Turkey, Iran and Saudi Arabia make huge efforts to strengthen links with these new states.

All republics of the NC (except the North Ossetia) basically can select for themselves two ways of development - the secular or Islamic state. The Islamic state provides process of penetration of doctrines of Islam practically in all spheres of life of the Islamic state, in activity of Islamic communities and in life of separate people. Process of Islamization and introduction of the total law of Sheriyat in the NC if doesn't lead to civil war, that was in Ichkeria (traditional and jadids (new)) will catalyze the archaization of life, deterioration of an economic situation and the main thing infringement of communications with the western world community. It is no wonder to process of "Islamization of the legislation» they resist even in the Muslim countries.

Work with people of the NC should lean not only against excellent knowledge of ethnopsychology, internal conflicts and aspirations, but also on a religious situation at traditionals (at the majority). Islam as religion is very badly understand in the West, and the Caucasians professing traditional Islam, especially wound, when it is not undertaken even attempts to understand it. There is a fundamental distinction between Islamic and the Western world in mutual relations between religion and the state.

One of the most basic belief in the West (except Greece, and the several countries) is a full division of religion and the state, belief, which deeply ideological essence and consequences Moslems do not absolutely truly understand. In the West it is unacceptable, that someone's religious beliefs interfered with any freedom of other person. In spite of the fact that it is a political convictions, it has character ideological and even in some measure the religious. The western democratic tradition of a freedom of speech practically is something like religion for the majority of people.

Position of the western Christianity and decomposition of its churches gets deeply every year also this tendency will develop and further. The reason is probably covered in a spiritually-psychological basis of development of the western countries which formation has begun in Renaissance. Freedom of the western person is in its powerful will, in flexible, adaptive mind, in purposefulness. All aforesaid can perfectly be entered in the today's Caucasian validity. Constant conflicts between taricatists and safits already push the present not numerous Caucasian intelligency to something another, more progressive. Russia with its recourse in Orthodoxy, the Near East with torn apart by religious disputes are bright examples what the NС it would not desirable to be. For example, Turkey, Malaysia in the course of a choice of the way to the west can become conductors for the NС , and «Euroislam» as the simplified, secular form of Islam.

In the western and east type of a society the set of functions of the state is distinguished. The democratic secular state of the western society reduces the functions, aspires to participate in economic life and the decision of social problems of the population as less as possible. The islamizirovannoe state of traditional societies tries to incur the greatest possible quantity of functions on management of the people. But recently the general laws of introduction of ideas of the West in public consciousness of the Islamic East start to be shown.

Gradually there is a generalized concept «assimilation by the West» which is applied on more and more wide range of questions. The psychological substantiations which are starting with the general information positions are developed, the purposes, problems, algorithms of actions, strategy and tactics are analyzed. More and more the quantity of publications and symposiums is devoted to information-psychological embedding in various systems of Islam, its reprogramming towards the western democratic values.

One of influence forms, in particular in the USA, is so-called internal ethnic communities (diaspora).

«The highest compliment» the authorities of America name possibility of participation of foreign countries in the Intraamerican political processes. The governments of foreign countries aspire to involve in cooperation of those Americans who have general ethnic or religious roots, the majority of the foreign governments also employ also the American lobbyists to advance the interests. And all it looks as if some countries can manipulate foreign policy of America, actually diasporas are the convenient lever of influence on foreign countries, the proof to that the situation serves in Georgia. Proceeding from the aforesaid, today it is necessary for western countries to start to create and increase the importance of North Caucasian diasporas in the territories, by an example of muchadjirs in the countries of the Near East.

The branch from Russia will help to solve with formation of independent Islamic Caucasian republics cardinally some geostrategic problems of the West and the East which in a situation with the NC completely coincide. That is, a certain ideology of creation of statehood on the West European type with changing of view with reference to North Caucasian region is necessary: more conditions for preservation of the national identity often leaning against religious identity, carrying out of search of ways of integration of the western norms and Sheriyat on Caucasian manners and their introduction. Vivid example: desire of shariatization is the project of several Dagestan villages: Кaramakhi, Chabanmahi, Kadar and Chankurba. Even defeat of these villages hasn't stopped the population of other areas in desire of introduction of norms of Sheriyat in the secular regional and local legislation of Dagestan.

The most difficult, power-intensive, but the most important work is necessary for reorientation of sights of radicals, not nationalists, and religious radicals (salafits). The Caucasian radicals are generally Antirussian, but they don't reject an urbanization, industrialization, development, a science and technology, and also everything that these things mean for the society organization. In this sense they aren't nonmodern . On the other hand religious revival on the NC is as well the reaction to Orthodoxy, its cohesion with the central power, as a self-affirmation. Traditional Islam doesn't satisfy that emotional and social protest against the behavior of the Russian Center, for this problem and the radical Islam was found. Giving of a considerable part of the Caucasian youth the value to salafizm is an appeal to mutual respect, in a counterbalance of the dominating Russian orthodox nation, simultaneously with it and the protest against local ruling class which is «bought».

Leaders of new Islam don't need development of any additional language for expression of their ideas, they use only Koran language, refracting its comments («Sheriyat is our way», «Islam is our constitution», «Islam is religion and the state», etc.). To understand them so, to accept, the high standard of knowledge isn't necessary to the population. «We have already played in independence, that’s enough, now we are at war on a way of the Allah that the law of Supreme was established all over the world» it’s an utopia and the greatest nonsense which is available today in minds of religious radicals of the NC. Jihad for them became obligatory, the same individual duty, as a post and a prayer. Moreover, their jihad has offensive character, and «it is unessential, that incorrect initiated an attack the first, enough, that they only had signs of those people with who it is necessary to be at war»; «any Moslem ignoring norms of Shariyat, is an incorrect, it is necessary to be at war with him, while he won't return to court of the Allah and its envoy».

To change all these sights today it is not obviously possible, and in it there is no necessity. The problem is not to change the ideology, and tactics - «how to be at war and what ways». For example:

- The problem is not simply to be at war and to win;

- The network of djamaats should infilter all variety of valuable tactical undertakings in all space of umma , lining them to an uniform denominator;

- It is necessary to avoid direct collisions with a leading mode as it can lead to fatal blow on even weak Islamic movement;

- And the main thing to replace the weapons by the information-psychological.

As the Russian Center represents a financial component of today's crisis of the NC as one of the basic and takes numerous steps along this way, economic work also should be included in deconstructive scenario . Material stimulus-motive is the fact of a doubtless advancing a society of the West of consumer level of the population as the republics, all Russia, and the East countries.

West economic expansion has the diversified forms: programs of re-structurings and investment projects of various international currency funds; introduction of agricultural, industrial and other equipment, etc. Expansion can be carried out by use of various propaganda slogans like struggle for morals, the right of the people to self-determination and so. Start of the western investors, manufacturers also is closely connected with information -technical influence.

One of main objectives of the western economic expansion is an imperceptible penetration into subconsciousness , through the advertizing of a (beautiful and carefree) way of life, distribution of desirable (western) political values and standards of the mass culture through music, entertaining TV programs and films, and also through a fashion (on clothes, especially with elements of political symbolics, subjects of a life, rest, tourism and etc.). Considering psychology of people of the NC, it is possible to pick up the most suitable parties western way of life. Material stimulus-motive is the fact of a doubtless advancing a society of the West of consumer level of the population so the republics, all Russia, and the East countries.

To prepare world community for assistance in a recognition of independence of the Caucasian people, it is necessary to present the Caucasian culture in an appropriate kind, - to make it known and popular. As one of examples, it is possible to spend commercialization of national culture with orientation to ethnographic tourism. All it should be accompanied by adjustment of economic relations with the West and carrying out of the Caucasian culture on a world community review (manufacture of national clothes develops; ethnographic tourism brings in the considerable income and gives workplaces on serving objects - hotels, restaurants etc.). Psychological installations and cultural wealth of Caucasians will gradually change. Collective communal work (clan) will completely be replaced by the individual. If earlier the relation to commerce was especially negative as to something unworthy now Caucasians won't be ashamed to expose on sale and cult values of the people for the whole world. Commercial operation of the ethnic accessory becomes norm.
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