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2.5. Wide scale of the destructive scenario.

Wide scale has strategic value and the attention of those who intends being guided by the dogmatic point of view, to concentrate preparation of crowd in cities, absolutely forgetting about a huge role of the mountain population in life of the NC. It doesn't mean that it should become in the lead, however, analyzing real possibilities of preparation in city conditions when there are hypertrophied power structures, at such position it is necessary to operate is a little underground.

Conditions in mountain areas where inhabitants have support djamaats prepared for struggle, and in the places remote for agents of national security are less difficult. In other words it is necessary to make a choice of a base: in republic the territory where the opposition gets in advance unconditional support is formed.

It’s not difficult to organize a large-scale performance, but it’s difficult to keep in nonviolence frameworks. It is necessary to use the greatest possible quantity of force for the purpose of management of «heating situation» to warn the bloodshed. It is necessary to stop any provocations (a mining, acts of terrorism, captures of schools, etc.), the quarrels between ethnoclans etc.

Like today's acts of terrorism and attacks, large-scale civil disobedience can be used in the various purposes: from rendering of influence on local agents of national security on purpose to raise certain doubts in their structure, to the creation of favorable conditions of preparation of operative actions.

Nonviolent struggle is much more difficult and various way of struggle, than local radicals offered and still have been offering now. Instead of violence, struggle is conducted by the information, psychological, social, network, economic and political weapon. Available local power structures and ethnoelite can lead as far as they are capable to fill up the power sources by cooperation, submission and obedience from the population. Unlike violence of radicals, psychological disobedience of the peace population (at a skillful manipulation) has got a unique ability to block power sources.

Civil disobedience can become the invaluable weapon in hands of the Caucasian people. The organization of large-scale disobedience is a civil underground aspect of activity of the program as it is spent on all territory of republic, even can grasp adjacent. It will be directly organized and spent by the information-psychological staff planning events, meetings and other actions (blocking of railway and main highways). Distinguish two kinds of civil disobedience: the disobedience spent in national scale in republic where there is an active phase of process; disobedience out of a zone of separatist actions, with even more boldness, diligence and sequence. Specially makes a reservation that all these are nonviolent methods. Among them there are also such as: «sneers at elections», «sneers at officials», «demonstrative funeral», «political mourning», «presentation of confidential agents», «nonviolent prosecution», «carrying out of scandalous actions» etc.

In general it is a question of the organization of campaign of disobedience of authorities in power and pressure upon it at all levels. Here and strikes of all kinds, hunger-strikes, «occupation by nonviolent methods», «representation of counterfeit documents», «blocking of information lines», «removal of indexes», «boycott of elections», «refusal of payment of taxes», «refusal of any work» etc.

Formation of pickets. One of the most widespread not mass methods is carrying out of pickets. Unlike mass actions, pickets are characterized by a small amount of the participating. Thus simultaneous carrying out of pickets with participation of 40-50 people in each capital of republics can seem to Russian and world community more large-scale protest, than one mass action in some thousand people.

During the scenario there will be a necessity of carrying out of specialized pickets, and decision-making on picketing will demand only several hours. Therefore for efficiency of the scenario the principles of pickets should be observed.

At picket carrying out it is necessary to realize the purposes and problems which can be reached by means of this action. More often picketing is directed not on failure of any actions of the government or agents of national security, and on achievement of following purposes:
- Attraction of attention of the public to the given problem;

- Influence rendering as on power structures and demonstration of that in a society there are the certain forces really observing and if it is necessary the resisting authorities.

Each participant of picket should keep one place. Is better, that casual people don't participate. Small, but well organized picket can yield considerably best results, than numerous pickets , but chaotically proceeding and uncontrollable. Though unequivocally to define optimum quantity of people for picket it is impossible, most likely, as a criterion can serve the criterion of controllability and the main reason of the picket in this case can serve. It is necessary to involve so many people in the action, as organizers can control.

A stage of planning which is carried out by organizers is preceded to picket carrying out. This stage begins with the thought over answer to a question - «and whether it is necessary to picket in general the given reason»? It is not necessary to exchange forces of picketers for insignificant actions, often repeating, or usual.

If they make a decision on picket carrying out its plan is studied too. They define the time, a place, sequence of actions, and also the necessity of presence of leaflets and the posters which maintenance is studied. Types of leaflets should be a little, but each of them should be easily readable, not overloaded by information, the biting, concrete, verified maintenance. It is necessary to avoid using unchecked or unconfirmed facts as it is not excluded that it is necessary to prove or confirm everything. Posters should be well read, with large print, the ironic, satiric, but not render the posters have good influence. Time of carrying out of picket is defined. Is better to begin picket for one hour prior to the beginning of picketed action and, anyway, not less than in an hour as one of picket’s main objectives is attraction of mass-media which start to approach since this time.

Organizers cast picketing so that each person accurately knows what he does and what is forbidden to do. Thus, some groups are formed of picketers led by the head. He bears responsibility for picket carrying out, before the beginning instructs participants, leads up to their data and a duty, distributes their responsibility. The head necessarily is present on picket, carries out a current management, in case of not ordinary situations makes the decision and bears all completeness of responsibility.

The head should have at least two assistants. Assistants should understand accurately the purposes and picket problems, its scenario. In case of need the head directs them to make operative impact on a situation.

Mass media are notified about preparing of picket. The head and assistants form the original press center. They, and only they, give interview of mass-media on behalf of participants of picket. They should be prepared for interview in advance, thinking over possible loaded questions from the press. All statements during interview should be thought over and proved. More often any careless word, any precipitate phrase is used by the so-called "yellow" press and some "free" journalists for tendentious illumination of an event, distortion of a real state of affairs, the progovernmental propagation. So it is not necessary to suppose dialogue of other picketers with the press (because the probability of occurrence of careless statements sharply increases).

Each participant of picket should realize it accurately. Nevertheless, everyone, and organizers first of all, must be ready to that picket in mass-media will receive negative illumination. Tendentious and progovernmental character of activity of the majority of mass-media is obvious already to everyone, that’s

why during the picket’s planning it is not necessary to be guided by how press submits it. Besides recently a lot of people have ceased to trust the information given by the «free» press.

Thus, it is possible to allocate some groups of participants:

• the group of power support should consist of the quiet counterbalanced young men, capable to provide order observance. The support part settles down on picket perimeter, other part in well surveyed remote places, for viewing of roads (ways of the possible approach of power structures). It is desirable for each representative of group of power support to have a portable radio set;

• bannermen are the people standing with posters. They should stand on well surveyed places. They don't enter conversations, don't answer any questions. They should provide protection;

• distributors are the people who are directly standing in way of gathering passers-by, extending leaflets or (and) warning verbally people about danger. For mutual support it is better to distributors to be in groups of 2-3 people, not to stand densely, to leave places for pass. It is not necessary to start conversations and debates. The interested person can be offered conversation in any other day and hour.

• the video operator with a camera fixes all events, duplicates interview. Videorecording is the document confirming original actions of participants of action in case of slander. The photographed information is used also at the subsequent analysis of the spent picket;

observers are the people creating a party;

For ten days, according to the law, organizers should submit the demand for carrying out of picket to local governments and obtain the corresponding permit. Relations with law enforcement bodies become much more simple , if picket is spent from the official permission of the authorities. However, considering developed political situation on the NC there is a high probability that picketing should be spent illegal. Therefore preparation for the action should pass quickly and confidentially.

Before the beginning of picket the head and its assistants once again instruct all picketers. In case the decision on carrying out of mass picket with attraction of foreign public forces all the same was accepted, the kernel of picket including group of support which urged to provide controllability of picketing is carefully instructed. To the beginning of the picket some people paste over with leaflets the territory, adjacent to a picketing place.

It is necessary to consider that the purpose of power structures and the various progovernmental organizations (youth associations) is to compromise picket, to present it as hooligan action. Therefore it is necessary to expect always provocations, shouts, abuse, even attempts to fight. You mustn’t react to such actions at all . The strong, firm position of picketers has much stronger influence both on bodies of the law and order , and on casual invited, representatives of the power, passers-by.

The police arrives at place already in the aggressive mood, therefore it is not necessary to be confused aggressive actions of its employees. The head or assistants should approaching to the head of group and in the quiet, polite form to explain the picket purposes. To explain that it is spent by the usual (youth) public, what action is picketed, to let know that there not illegal actions and aren't planned, the situation is under control. All it, certainly, should correspond to true. More often after such explanations the police takes of a neutral position and is limited to a role of observers order preservation.

The main thing in actions of picketing there was no law and order infringement. Anybody from picketers shouldn't to try get force in a building or a hall in front of which protest action is carried out and to make there the distribution of leaflets or to provoke action failure.

Usually in 30 minutes, an hour after has begun picket it is possible to stop it. This time is optimal for removal on video of all event and demonstration for mass-media. Long pickets, considering today's heat of protest will among the people of NC, can outgrow in a mass protest action and to leave from under control that is fraught with active connection of power structures to picket liquidation (if in it there was no purpose).

According to the order of the head assistants notify all groups and simultaneously leave. Certainly, in advance it is impossible to provide all details of picket, therefore much depends on the person who is made responsible for its carrying out. It should be a capable, skilled and authoritative person.

Mass actions. Also besides picketing variants it is necessary to consider all occurred mass protest actions in the NС: their reasons as they passed, results, territorial, national, religious specificity etc.

One of the first and successful examples can result so-called «performance of chajists» in Makhachkala in June 1991: «the Authorities have resolved for the first time free pilgrimage to Mecca (chadj) in 1989 that year four Daghestan people have gone to chadj. In the following, 1990 against fast growth of religious activity quantity wishing to execute chadj has promptly grown. However the trip was expensive and believers start to demand from the state the decrease in a monetary outlay. It was promoted also by that Saudi Arabia, considering special value of Islam in Dagestan, declared granting of special privileges for pilgrims from this republic. In the spring of 1990, the day before chadj, many inhabitants of Dagestan have been delegated by the religious communities to Moscow to demand a making decision which would allow not to equate pilgrimage to an ordinary foreign tour and to establish special privileges for purchase of air tickets for pilgrims. Any measures, however, were not accepted. That year from Dagestan it was possible to go in chadj already to 346 Moslems.

Next 1991 year in the beginning of June some hundreds of Moslems have gathered on a central square of Makhachkala, again demanding fare reduction to Saudi Arabia from 30 thousand to 3 thousand roubles. For the clear reasons the heads of Dagestan had no powers to solve such questions, but have agreed with validity of requirements of believers and decided to compensate partially expenses from means of the republican budget, having lowered fare to 13-15 thousand roubles. However it hasn't satisfied the protesting. On a central square of Makhachkala, directly on a front staircase of a building of the government and the Supreme body meeting which passed more than two weeks has been organized.

Extremely aggressive and politized performances sounded continuously since morning till the late evening. They, as a rule, have been addressed alternately to all three bosses of republic: to the party’s head of republic, the chairman of the government and the chairman of the Supreme body. When there has come time of the first departures to Saudi Arabia, excitement in the environment of holding a meeting began to rise. The part of pilgrims has used the privileges given by the republican government and, having stopped participation in meeting, began to prepare for departure. But a great mass, without having for this purpose financial possibilities, continued to insist persistently on the initial demands . Having known that the first plane to Saudi Arabia prepares for a departure from the Makhachkala airport, masses of the protesting have gone there and have tried to block a runway, threats to blow up were claimed. When attempts to make the way to the airport haven't gone right, excessively aggressive chajists have returned on a central square, and in the evening the huge embittered crowd in some hundreds of people has started the storm of the main governmental building.

By that time, for the protection of «the White house» military connections have been pull together . At first the militia tried to stop attacking by water-cannons , in reply to it from outside of chadjists on heads of soldiers and militiamen stones and iron rods fell down. When threat of capture of a building of «the White house» became real, precautionary shots had sounded in air, but bullets , having jumped aside from a metal peak of a building, had got to crowd. Some people had been wounded, and one was killed. The panic had begun, and the crowd had been disseminated by militia (police). In Makhachkala the state of emergency had been declared.

Conclusions for success of the future similar mass actions:

• the general plot should have global character (religious, national) and emotional importance for a considerable quantity of people, it is desirable as well financial interest;

• the action reason should have dynamics in time, or deterioration, or in the beginning improvement, and then sharp deterioration ;

• there should be someone (for example, the West or Near East countries) who will state in every possible way sympathy to "disastrous" position and to render, or at least to pretend rendering, the feasible help (financial, advisory, moral);

• connection with  diasporas in Russia for protest actions in big cities;

• initially to expose high requirements, expecting that neither local, nor the central authorities will disagree with them;

• to be prepared on the long action (tent small town, a field-kitchen);

• performances of leaders of the action for the protesting should carry aggressive and emotionally dependent character, not stop neither in the afternoon, nor at night;

• interactive scenery (posters, display of films, rollers, music, Koran reading etc.) should be whenever possible applied;

• the facts, requirements, references, should be direct to the first persons of republic and the state, with the subsequent promotion of requirements of their resignation;
• to time action peak (the maximum number aggressively adjusted holding a meeting) for a main

• to prevent possible payoff (money, fear, exposure) of parts holding a meeting and their dispersal from epicenter of the action (area);

• to spend some anticipatory lateral performances with capture and the subsequent total control of buildings (a television center, the airport, station, traffic police posts at entrance to a city), immediately to inform about it the main crowd of the action;

• the main blow should have on the main governmental building of republic (republic administration, a palace of the president, parliament, Duma);

• ideological attack to agents of national security should be worked, for example, distribution of lists of surnames, the addresses, the given relatives on numbers holding a meeting, a reading loudly lists that agents of national security know their data; it is possible that at everyone holding a meeting has in a hand the Koran for manipulation with religious feelings of agents of national security;

• capturing a building should be in advance psychologically processed on «impossibility» of application of fire-arms agents of national security; as soon as fire will be opened, in crowd agents-stimulators should direct immediately people under the scenario of capture, thereby, strengthening aggression with everyone wounded or killed;

• the action shouldn't be finished a panic and flight holding a meeting, two results are possible capture of buildings, or a considerable quantity of victims.

The primary goal dares at stages of large-scale performance it is an establishment of interpretative dictatorship. The voice of «national anger», a voice of an accuser should be audible only. Any dialogue or attempt to appeal to judiciousness is stopped «by nonviolent actions from below», for example, by boycott. In such situation attempt of the power is explained turns around against it. Already at small symptoms of defeat of the power the population quickly and outwardly comes over to the side of those who are against the power. As soon as the reference group (world community) declares that doesn't recognize, for example, officially declared results of elections in republic, the people will spontaneously support «not consent». If interpretative dictatorship is established, separatists have an opportunity in general to leave dialogue with the existing Prorussian power. It can be discredited so that further it is automatically considered as the enemy of the people, as an obstacle to freedom, subject to elimination.

The mass action is the mechanism of disposable use, it, of course, demands the big financial expenses, but one-time. The majority from dissatisfied to an antinational mode shouldn't pay - they do it quite voluntary. It is necessary for them only chanalize and to splash out the anger against the existing power. First of all, it is a question of the beginning of an active phase of separation and short-term mass mobilization of the population for the sake of achievement of a specific goal of fundamental character is for this purpose necessary. Representation of events as collisions of various clans, as conflict of interests of competing groupings of the criminal capital - but in any way separations becomes a basic error of the Russian Center.

Large-scale also means carrying out of operative actions in territory not only one republic. Certainly, to organize «on lifting» all republics, hardly probably, however and the stop only on one is fraught of capsulation of operation, introduction of an emergency situation and connection of the Russian armies. Here so-called tactics «black spot» isn't applicable better (to have half of the territory supervised on 100%, than 100% of the territory protected half) . The absent-mindedness of the centers of the protest around of the NC will give the chance to desynchronize the Russian management in the whole region, and later and to spend massed purge. All it is realizable at the prepared information background and the adjusted synchronism of performance of the main characters of the operation.

Intifada. If the power answers with violence the most part of the society starts to sympathize with the opponent and this process dangerous to the state it is necessary to brake, being incurred by the big costs. As an example the Intifada is nonviolent revolution of new type, a product of the end of the XX-th century. A way of actions in it was developed by the group of the European and Arabian scientists - psychologists, sociologists and culturologists. It is possible to consider the program offered by them as achievement of modern social science. The Intifada’s major principle is a continuity and full refusal of violence. The characters are children and teenagers.

When on television they shown scenes in which boys throw stones in the Israeli soldiers, it is necessary to understand the sense of this action. Psychologists expected that when children and teenagers should confront openly against the armed soldiers, they will have terrible stress. To discharge it, to remove stress, they were allowed to throw stones, but trying not to put a trauma to soldiers. In practice it was so, the Israeli soldiers practically haven't incurred physical harm. But it was appeared that their morale suffered strongly from resistance of children. The known military historian of Israel has noticed that «one of the best fighting armies of the world quickly degenerates in police force of the fourth grade». According to his estimations, after the Intifada the army of Israel would show itself in serious war not better, than Argentineans on Malvinas Islands.

The observer of «New York Times» newspaper in Palestina T.Fridman has warned the Palestinian teenagers: «if one of ours gets to hospital, your 200 will get on a cemetery». The intifada has begun in December, 1987, by December, 1989 according to official figures of the United Nations on the territories occupied by Israel was lost 2 thousand children and teenagers.

The sadism with which children were beaten, has amazed all Arabian and not indifferent world. Philosopher Avishaj Marpgalit found possible explanations of this sadism. The main sense was to kindling hatred of Arabs and to force them to pass to violence, to terrorism. It was «the rigid» variant of consolidation of the demoralized Israeli society and strengthening of legitimacy of the power in its eyes. Thus, the Intifada was successful , it has split the Israeli society and has demanded from the power of Israel very big expenses, besides created new heavy threats.
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