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2.6. Development of an information background.

The basic mass technical elements of information actions by preparation of a background and operation carrying out are: the Internet; satellite television; local television; radio; printed matter; the Russian mass-media.

Now possibilities of an information attack exceed protection possibilities, but the ideologists of Imarat use it today poorly. All their information is limited to only protective performances from YouTube within the limits of the NС. Protection can't and shouldn't remain passive, it is necessary for it to form active information counteraction to the opponent. The combined approach, i.e. a combination of an information-psychological and information-technological element is generally most effective. The organization of information-psychological cover of operations will allow to carry out such actions which would be inconceivable earlier.

Having in hands powerful system of the modern fourth power, politized ethnic in the name of leaders of national movements can clear «feeling of geography» and raise «feeling of history», rethink «sense of justice», prove «feeling of religious», confirm feeling «republic-making», «statemaking» or «selected of got» nation.

The information toolkit is the most important, it allows to destroy power structures, forcing them to come over to their part. For example, orange revolution in Kiev in 2004 within two weeks showed, as officers of the militia, two generals of security service, cadets of Academy of internal affairs declared the other position. It was the model of transition to the party of revolution of the basic forces of a support of a mode, there were only a few statements, but on the initial level it was enough.

Necessary security measures of information process:
- To switch off or weaken consciousness of the Russian Center (Its perception of danger);
- To weaken local power structures (a necessary component for the majority of operative actions);

- To start to develop and support a purposeful exchange of the program information between the Caucasian people, and also with the West and the East. Anything so doesn't promote success and safety, as trustworthy information. Intelligence services and information should be organized in the most different directions: work with local residents (the Internet forums, hearings, cellular communication); gathering of the information from power structures etc. If these services are well adjusted and have capable agents, safety of a current process is provided.

The information should execute following functions :
• to activate mass consciousness;
• to keep the supporters in an active condition all time to a victory;
• legitimacy of operational actions for internal and external audience;
• to frighten opponents for a non-admission of application of reciprocal active actions;
• legitimacy of the chosen leaders as heads of republics.

1. The Internet. Separatists of Ichkeria could dream of such possibilities that Internet gives today. To get access to mass-media (first of all to television and radio) and to draw to attention of a society, they often resorted to capture of hostages and other forms of pressure upon the Russian Center. Today even separated gangs conducting the activity in mountains, know the price of information support of the Internet. Modern possibilities of access to a network of the Internet through satellite systems in field conditions essentially simplify ideological work.

The Internet is important cause it directly shows the modeling, evident party of knowledge. In the conditions of a network it is not necessary to retell ideas or events, it is enough to give the reference, for example on «Уoutube». The glance on an Islamic site, even without especial deepening in the maintenance, is capable to provide guidance on proportions and relations Prorussian and Antirussian, about a place which it occupies in infosystem of djikchad. Though the majority of Islamic (and separative) leaders understand the value of the Internet, many of them haven't acquired its possibility. That is why only individual sites can brag of the efficiency. The key to success in religious affairs at work in a mode online consists in having prospect PR: to create the reputation and to operate it, handing over the information and cover requirements of on-line public. In Internet PR means even more than in the real world.

The Internet allocates emancipating activity by such significant advantages, as:
• сontinuous communication;
• the instant answer, - it is possible to react instantly to arising questions and on situation changes;
• global audience, - with the expanded using of translators, the audience loses the borders;

• audience research, - owing to Internet interactivity is available constant feedback with the audience. It is necessary to have the following prepared groups of experts:

- Creating sites which will surpass in the appearance news sites of the Center, in several languages
(North Caucasian and world);
- Regularly filling up sites with new and actual information (a photo, video);

- Having knowledge and capable as to secure the sites from an attack of hackers of the Russian Center, as to attack productively (viruses, spam, misinformation) official sites of the Center;

- Actively participating in public opinion formation through forums.

As a whole Internet resources should be used in the different purposes. It is possible to stress following directions:

а) way to declare itself. One of the most widespread at present "self-advertisement" forms. Using it, even absolutely little-known djamaat will be able to pay the attention with loud statements and threats, both the whole Russia, and separate politicians to itself. The last is especially important, when there is an exact information of personal character about any public figure (his family, children, the location, material resources, transits, compromising evidences and etc.) the Available material is more productive for using right after one of loud liquidations of officials, agents of national security, or act of terrorism for the purpose of threat strengthening on the given concrete person;

b) Mobilization of public opinion in support of efforts on the basis of carrying out of national propaganda campaign. Internet influence creates impressive system of communication facilities. Russia is the country with constant progressive growth of users of the Internet, almost one third from which actively participates in Internet conferences, chats, social networks. If earlier separatists of "the first generations» preferred a printing word, creating the newspapers, brochures, extending leaflets use of sites has simplified a denunciation of the ideology to the population. With that goal also it is possible to spread various "ideas" and "managements" of planning and realization of separatist’s activity, keeping neutral names of books that they "walk" actively on the Internet and even took place on sites in general far from separation. Most useful in this plan are the art, historical and religious literature where the necessary information is built in;

c) Recruiting of new members. To separate forces important not simply to inform about itself, but also

«to gain mind», that is to receive new supporters who will be ready to prove the readiness for jihad or for independence in practice. For this purpose it is necessary to study the mute of visiting of sites, ip-addresses come to light and communication with their owners is adjusted. Also an important resource for recruiters is forums and chats where they can reveal the people stating close ideas. By means of chats pupils can receive the necessary literature and a practical advice how to get on «a jihad front line» and to become the Mojahed.

Work with the Internet society means not only active information-psychological influence on representatives of North Caucasian republics, but also on Moslems of the Volga region and migrants;

d) Gathering and getting of the financial help. Each ideology needs material support for the effective functioning. Because of overcrossing of open messages with external financial forces, today on the NC, robberies are applied to "cash desk" replenishment, kidnepping of local officials. It can be changed by more effective network forms of fund raising, using charity principles. Thus the accent based on unity of all Moslems and necessity together to solve problems facing them;

e) Intimidation of Russian population. Correctly organized statements and threats make impression of their real omnipresence. Russian population can have an opinion that Central television deceives them about the real picture on the NС that the third military campaign will bring a large quantity of victims of Russian soldiers. It concerns first of all the youth gathering in army and mothers whose sons already serve in army. Here it is so possible to intimidate Russian people that it will be already morally ready to an exit on streets of cities with spontaneous protest actions and to demand branch Federal region of the Northen Caucasus from Russia;

f) The organization (building) a social network "unprotected" ("not consent"). Work with population means not only intimidation and recruiting, but also usual work with the protest communicative validity.

«Who feels unsafe, wishes to share with someone the vulnerability» is possibility to extend the ideas on other antigovernmental movements against: corruption, an arbitrariness of agents of national security, increase of tariffs of housing and communal services and e.t.c.

g) Planning of emancipating activity. Except ostentatious publicity and an openness, there is a shady side of Internet activity which concerns planning of various operations. First of all the Internet can act as secret communication facility which is very difficult for checking up and more to reveal participants of communicative processes;

h) Gathering and using of information are the analysis of efficiency of spent actions (terrorist). Among analysis methods it is possible to allocate the following: gathering and the analysis statistical given by technological monitoring (counters, broad log-files, panel researches); sociological surveys among Internet users; carrying out of focus groups before and after advertizing campaigns. All aforesaid becomes the most important at planning of a following act of terrorism (time, a place, quantity of prospective victims and their quality). Attendance of sites with statements of acts of terrorism is a strategic indicator;

i) Using of the newest technologies (satellite cards) and communicative function (Skype, e-mail, forums); blocking of alternative sources, up to creation of difficulties in their work (viruses).

j) Performance in a role "publicity", as independent source of news, to world mass-media. The Internet favors to carrying out of PR-actions already at least because visitors of Islamic sites are predisposed to reception of the independent information. Moreover, they also come to a network to get it. The network of the Internet is still regarded by the majority of its visitors as the democratic environment, a source of reception of the objective and truthful information.

k) Conflict formation between primary and secondary circle of public opinion. Primary is a file of officially focused mass-media, secondary is the Internet and kitchen conversations: «the Russian mass-media tell a lie».

l) Influence on the Russian management, manipulation of it. Blogs and forums are the powerful platforms which are developing public opinion and urging on activity in the necessary direction. Messages in blogs and activity at forums became the beginning of active criticism of many actions of a management of regions, or power structures. This «noisy» criticism leads to the real reactions of the Russian management so manipulates its actions.

2. The satellite television breaks national borders. Satellite plates and videos working from generators, allow to establish TVs and video in any places even inaccessible for usual Central television, and distribution of satellite technology considerably increases number of available offers.

The satellite teleimage should become avant-guard of operation on the NС where with such dislike usual Russian channels look. Besides translation of Near-Eastern channels, it is necessary to create common Caucasian channel, and at least the channel for the Chechen Republic and Ingushetia in a native language. It will allow to influence online on local population with the necessary information.

The narration about the live of Caucasians in the West as respect their culture and religion becomes one of regular directions of ideological transfers. It all should be accompanied by real examples.

It is necessary to create specially completed and instructed contingent of journalists and press photographers who to the beginning of active actions will supervise corresponding republics. Thus, to limit access of the undesirable information for the international mass-media. The collected information should arrive through special service of public relations which by means of briefings, press conferences and meetings with ethnoelite and other influential persons will be skillful to influence its orientation. It is necessary to create the information bridge between republics and the western and Near-Eastern public that will allow to neutralize influence of the Prorussian sources.

3. It is possible to establish in territory of Georgia at first the usual channel showing selected films and programs, and at the beginning of operative actions - broadcasting of news.

4. Radio can become irreplaceable during the operational period. It doesn't demand the big expenses and in its work can take part only some persons. Fresh messages on a course of operations, on executions of peace people and along with it every possible instructive materials, sometimes performances of heads of the program «clearing» - a word, all from what the civilians can take for itself useful lessons will be transferred by radio.

5. Ideas of independence are necessary extend widely among the population, using various forms of printed matter. A hand material all territory of the NC should be captured. The created civil organizations should conduct propagation in national scale by means of newspapers, leaflets and brochures. The largest newspapers take up the general questions of ideology of independence, plans for the future and correctly inform the public on actions of separative forces. Except such editions of the general character, it is necessary to have and others, shining narrower circle of questions and valuable for different layers of cultural population. On their pages the problems facing inhabitants of republic who though aren't active persons are explained, however can take part in fulfillment of certificates of civil disobedience.

6. Today Russian Central TV plays huge role in polarization of internal culture. In essence, in a position of presenting of material CTV it is even not necessary to change anything, it reliably promotes formation of subconscious hostility of representatives of the Caucasian people to Russian. It is necessary to promote only to continuation of such activity encouraging in every possible way.

7. One of the most evident spheres of language interaction (distribution of functional loading of languages) is mass media. To this sphere the national consciousness is more often addresses, claims when cases of language discrimination take place here are addressed. Reflecting on a theme on that, enough or not radio- and telecasting in language of the (title) nationality is insufficiently conducted, newspapers and magazines are printed, books are published, films are created and duplicated, people free or involuntarily compare interaction of languages on various parameters, including duration of transfers on air, by quantity of names of books, their publishing and so on.

Total control over mass media, from Russian on languages of title nationalities will allow ethnic presidents and ethnic elite to discharge displacement of accent from republican a tele- and an air, of the press of objectionable people, first of all from the experts who are not belonging to a title nationality.

The choice of a national language as the basic language in imperious and power structures puts carriers in exclusive position as their language becomes language of administrative structures, language of means of mass communications. It is necessary to remember that the choice of language of the majority and «appointment» as its unique language and language of means of mass communications bears in itself intranational consolidating function.

The requirement about broadcasting time increase in languages of title nationalities invariably is present in ideology and practice of national movements. So in the Baltic countries it is essentially reduced a tele- and broadcasting in Russian; English became leading language of a foreign announcement, at week-days translation of the Russian television in Tajikistan, Turkmenia, Uzbekistan has been stopped.
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