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The huge work for the future blasting of communication the NC with the Russian Center has been done. This is a long effort for twenty years of which the collective protest will of the Caucasian people is constructed. It consists not only in influence on ethnoelite and local power structures, and on ordinary Caucasian consciousness, on daily thoughts of the simple person. The most effective way of influence is indefatigable repetition of the same statements to have got used them and to start to accept not by reason, and on trust. This significant amount of ethno- and a religious information-psychological material in mass-media, books, brochures, journal and newspaper articles, conversations and disputes which endlessly were repeated and in the huge set have formed conflictоgenic distinctions of Russian and Caucasians. Successfully there are to end ethnоreligiozation the future conflict, its reducing to spiritual sphere, substitution of a reality by abstractions.

The formation of a break of Federation can be connected with redistribution of imperious powers between the Center and the republics which basic impulse should be set by political elite. So the interests of ethnoelite can be carried to a dynamic component of process of the decomposition . However scale social changes are impossible without the prepared of social soil - interests and moods of the majority of the population, is an inertial component of process of disintegration. The active consent of public opinion is an indispensable condition of success of a deconstructive scenario.

Preparatory stage is differ proceeding from specificity of the Caucasian society, a condition of imperious institutes, their legality and legitimacy. Many methods of «promotion» are applicable restrictedly and even are impossible in one republics and considerable image different from others.
D.Laflend confirms: «In effect, it is possible to speak about three branches of modern technology of revolutions: about the non-governmental organizations, control over mass-media and the razed operations».
The basic directions of work at a preliminary stage are:
- Research and analytical work;
- Activity of foreign special services and diplomatic missions;
- Work with elite;
- Work with mass-media;
- Work with the non-governmental organizations (NGO).
- The organization hidden and use of legal financial streams;
- The organization, training and promotion of mass protest movement;

- Work with public organizations, movements and political parties;
- Work with groups and categories of population
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