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3.1.2. The campaign to remove president.

One of the intermediate steps could serve a removal of the president from his post. The campaign accomplishes several goals:

- The best of circumstances to substitute on more «suitable» person;
- To check their ability to «swing» of the situation in the republic (s);
- Activation of social consciousness in a given direction;
- The output of the opposition forces  «out of the shadows»;

- Diagnosis of internal contradictions in the government, including law enforcement, the structures of the republic;

- To check how the Russian Center controls the situation in the republic, etc.

When reaching such a specific political purpose as removal from position, the purpose is to create in a mass consciousness sharply negative image of the president. It’s necessary to clearly define what the settings are now in the public consciousness and to identify ways in which these attitudes can be changed in the right direction. Caucasian public opinion sufficiently rigid and emphatic - it’s much easier to manage it than the all-Russian.
After the campaign goal is defined, information-gathering phase begins. Sources may be the media, public opinion surveys, analysis, forums and blogs in the Internet. Without the information about the preferences of target groups (tapes, clans, and certain ethnic groups, etc.) will be impossible to make a proper announcement.

Firstly, it is necessary to analyze how the society sets up to the president, what image created in the public consciousness and how that image is strong, etc. This information will help further develop a plan to change the existing image and replace it with another. Secondly, they gather the maximum possible amount of information pertaining directly to the facts of biography and activity of presidency position, with an emphasis on compromise. Given the realities of the Caucasus, the greatest interest will be personal information about contacts with the opposite sex, about the president's family, his parents, the exportation of money abroad, either on the existing foreign ownership, etc. Third, the target audience is determined, which influences the success of the campaign. Necessary to verify the audience as a pro-presidential selection team may be wrong.

During the design phase we consider the general system of measures to establish close contacts with the central interaction between the media and the press. Of course, the image of the president of the national republics is quite different from the governor of any state or province, but both of these post the President of Russia appoints, and thus force of an informational message depends largely on the credibility of the information channel, which is voiced the opinion of the subject, its scope, the quality of presentation of information (rhetoric), the objective of public importance of the subject of the message. This is a very important stage of the campaign, because it is a stage of construction of clear plan of informative events. The whole campaign is divided into stages, according to which in future will take action. The plan is also important because it helps determine the sequence of actions and activities. Message given in the wrong time, can erase all the work done.

Most suitable for the transmission of information to the masses today are channel REN-TV («week with Razumovskaya»), perhaps the TV Center (the «news from Prokhorova»), magazines, «Vlast» and «Novoe Vremja» newspaper «Novaya Gazeta».

Once the plan is developed, the process of its implementation starts. In parallel with the implementation of plan they made the monitoring of public opinion. The aim is to get feedback because it is important to know whether to activities carried out any effect and if it’s so, what is this effect. How to change (if change) image of the president in the public mind? Once the active part of the campaign is completed, the evaluation of the results starts. It seems rather complicated the process of assessing performance. It is difficult to determine what is the reason of the certain actions. For example, why the president resigned voluntarily: because there was a good campaign to his unseat, or because the Russian president has already plans to replace him. Such issues arise very often, although there is quite clear methodology for assessing the effectiveness.
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