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3.1.3. Step by step example of the basic operations.

The 1-st, the 3-rd day. In the republic(s), the elections are held. Non-governmental organizations observing the elections, they will report numerous violations, but the Central Election Commission will declare the election valid. If you have in the hands local companies - they are - if not, then the satellite channels broadcast to the UK tell that according to «exit polling» (exit polls) the opposition bloc defeated. That same night in the capital (s) there are first opposition rallies, and they begin to pull actively people from the outskirts of the republics. An unstable environment is started to form in which the actions of the government becomes difficult

2-nd - 4-th day. Leaders of the opposition forces appeal to citizens to not recognize the official results of the votes, so will start civil disobedience (all events broadcast all over the world). During the meeting an ultimatum to government to concede defeat was set up. Opposition meetings are held around the country and in some neighboring republics.

Instantly is a large-scale development and vigorous implementation of the external sign of «our» - green ribbon with the words in the national language, tied on the hands and foreheads, and the Koran. If the process is progressing, what accelerated the inhabitants self-identification with «our». «Nashi» (ours) is getting to be fashionable and prestigious. People from all levels of life hang over green ribbons, the both ordinary people and officials. Moreover, the fear of being «not ours» imposed to men in the street. The number of «our» is growing like a snowball.

To unite «our» the image of the «inevitable victory» is being introduced into the consciousness. It can’t be reasoned. Special calendars are hung «until victory left ... days». The expectation of liberation is injected, the inevitable and joyous rebirth of the whole society, «immediately after the victory». All of this changes a crowd of the managed collective excitation. Statements of the leaders become hypertrophied, nearly insane, but it only adds enthusiasm to their supporters: «Freedom for all Caucasus». The main thing is not to create a bloodbath with protests.

The 3-rd - the 5-th day. Someone from the tangible world observers says about numerous facts of violations and officially announced that the results of the elections in the country are rigged. To do this requires support and powerful of «agents of influence», and they are attracted from abroad, especially from those forces which are authorized and legitimate change of power. Against this background of events a program is played out step by step with «non-recognition of the vote». This is a standard election technology in which an internal matter of people's will becomes a question of external recognition of the election results, in the «global» vote for who will be a president. The world «public», which separatists are focused announce in advance what the result will be recognized as legitimate.

Not just wide and on a large scale the international missions are used, observers and civil society organizations that are able to interpret events in the right way for the opposition, as well as participate in the alternative counting and shaping public opinion. One of the most important functions of the mass - the physical completion of communication channels and media, such that other interpretations are not made their way to the listeners and readers. We use the world's leading news agencies to form the desired interpretation of the opposition is going on and to express - and in advance of any announcement of results - confident democracy and doubts about the fairness of procedure.

From the usual accusations of power (corruption), they pass to the charges of abuse of people (a lot of murders). Victims are required component of stimulation, it’s not only delegitimize power, but also binds its hands in advance for security options. Simultaneously, it inspires the masses to a more active participation in the protests, as the standard conflict is generated. Irrationality is important here to get rid of the fear of authority.

Russian Center starts to gather troops - all of it becomes the property of the world community. Military solution is difficult because the protesters are unarmed civilians. Previously declared victory must necessarily come at a serious obstacle - at this point is planned social «explosion». Postponement of pre-declared victory, whatever it was called (the refusal of Moscow from elections, winning candidates' party of power in the elections, the opposition leader to attempt) - has announced the latest heinous crime the enemies of the people, the theft of the most coveted victory. In this position, the winner is the one who has the best controls (technical, technological and intellectual).

It should be instant and massive burst of indignation, degenerated into a mass enthusiasm in the general euphoria of the people. The colossal mass of sudden passion of recognition turns people into triumphantly, aggressive and domineering crowd. An important condition for achieving this threshold point is early establishment of a common, as the natural belief that the government has no right to stop this «freedom movement» with forced restore of order. And in the mass consciousness, and consciousness of law enforcement officers is constantly being introduced the idea that don’t use the violence «against people» and that «people cannot be won». Thus, the people provide an opportunity of escalate pressure on the government until the capture of the buildings, which are symbolic objects of state and government - television station, Parliament, etc.

Dynamics: It all starts with a «peaceful protest» against election, fraud in vote counting, the use of «administrative resources», etc. Meetings are coming based a completely legitimate. However, during meetings the crowd excited and united is called for the violation «in the honor of freedom» minor provisions of the law - to declare the meeting open-ended, beginning a hunger strike, the unit campground, etc.

Here is the moment of choice for the authorities to supplant the crowd of protesters from the area and disperse the meeting. If the authority does not do it, it loses its reason for the use of force in the subsequent step-by-step escalation of the movement. The crowd immediately expands and creates new «lines of defense», a breakthrough that is becoming harder and harder, they set the tent, pulled up field kitchens, mobile film projectors are improving, etc. The crowd is fixed at each level of "civil disobedience": in a tent city reigns order, pickets behave correctly.

The 6-th - 7-th day. In the capital thousands of people gather at an opposition rally. The protesters, holding hands, establish the blockade of state agencies, led by opposition leader with the Koran in his hands, and burst into the television center into the parliament. The main slogan is «The Koran is our constitution». Opposition occupies the majority of government buildings and creates intolerable working conditions for government agencies. Future large-scale protest North Caucasus - where thousands of people are not holding a weapon, but the Koran.

If all this will be achieved, the morale of security forces will fall catastrophically. Center (the Russian Federation), to avoid of bloodshed, makes a decision about the resignation of the president. This is followed by the interception of the power:
- Replacing the current government, the selection of prepared candidate of new president.
- Preservation of existing local elites, the radical change in the existing course.

All these steps are essential structural elements of the technology has being carried out at the time of the election. The analysis of the history of elections of the NC demonstrates that an activity it is not completed without the use of «security devices». The intensity of the use of force should be reduced to almost zero. The classic model is a non-violent. Only in very rare cases, the controlled violence can serve as a supplementary means to accelerate the process of separation and excitation (stimulation of the population). A considerable part of these actions may be necessary in the surrounding republics’ territories and regions, in order to shift the attention of the Centre to them.
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