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3.2.3. Military revolution.

Military revolution with the help of local security forces is relatively easy and fast way. According the words of people, «police is lucky, they get a lot, even after the contributions to the fund ... is enough to five thousand dollars - and you are a policeman, get back in half a year, then income». This option may be cheaper than the elections. It is clear that the security forces carry out his pro-Russian republics of the task only if they are independent of separation of powers - foreign and nationalist communities, radical religious movements. Security forces, falling under the shadow control of these forces (no matter for what reasons - because of corruption, fear, or out of ideological considerations) they themselves become a major source of danger for the Russian Center.

Power structures today it's the little that remains of the Russian Centre for the presence of the NC. One network FSB, courts, prosecution, the Interior Ministry holds the NC in a single Russian right field. This network is a fairly bulky (uniform standards of training to work) and quite fragile. The loss, though to a lesser extent, a monopoly on legitimate violence of the Center is a reliable sign of decay. Even before the commission of acts of domestic violence (e.g, executed by the Sharia or the people's court), the very emergence of a significant number of illegal ideological groups is a sign of separation.

However, this method also has serious drawbacks. The most important thing is that a military revolution leaves the existing discontent among the population and the security forces, particularly in Dagestan, Chechnya, Ingushetia. Eliminating just one allows another such group to take power. Theoretically, the new security forces will be under the control of the program, but it can happen and the opposite (as sometimes happened at the Russian Centre on the NC).
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