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Is not difficult to see the signal to the start of the separation program. Of course, it will not be voiced openly, but the signs will be a lot of facts in the content and tone of messages as the Western media as «pro-Western» media in Russia itself, the actions of human rights «pro-Western» institutions in the NC. The funding and travel (training) of «dissatisfied» abroad will be started.

The main role in shaping international public opinion an international broadcast of news service will play. Thanks to satellite transmission programs will be broadcasted to all countries around the world, and a monopoly on information dissemination (western channel) allows for effective advocacy impact. The programs will focus on the fact helping to show clearly the world a clear violation of democratic norms of life and human rights in Russia, especially in the NC. There will be major changes in the power of the Centre on the NC. Reasons:

1. sudden economic crisis in Russia will not allow the Centre to fund the pro-Russian government in the republics.

2. sharp deterioration of relations inside the authority of the Centre.

3. governing the financial communities (internal and external) will decide to replace the imperious command of the Russian Federation on the other, not directly linked with the security forces. Change this team (including the president or prime minister) in the Russian Federation itself is little affected by the structure of the state (the raw material orientation), it will go smoothly and for the Russian society. However, in the national republics, which are now under the authority of a purely power to begin the first victories over the security forces.

4. when the power in the country (s) will be replaced by a false, i.e. private focused on separation. At first it's will lead to the illusion of peace. Changing of top officials (liquidation) will destabilize sharply the situation, which may be advantageous to use. Replacing the authoritarian leader of a weak government will demoralize state apparatus, so that some employees are not obey to the orders of the authorities. This will create a situation of dual power and split power structures (Chechnya).

All the events of the second stage can be divided into primary and secondary.
The main activities are the main scenario of the operational phase. It is above all elections (referenda). In case of difficulty of the process will need to implement additional actions that could (should) be carried out only in emergencies, and specific cases.
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