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4.1. The purpose and objectives of the project.

The original purpose of the project is strategic informing the general Russian (Russian) public awareness of the multilateral directions in Islam (classical, modernized, radical, mystical, etc.) as well as prior to this - the formation of strong intentions of Russia's Muslims to exert maximum efforts for the spread of Islamic knowledge and understanding of two fundamental concepts of Islam in Russia: the inevitability and ethnic diversity.

The project will help to dispel the myth that Islam is enveloped only by terror and violence. The slogan of the project: «The deeper the Russian public will understand the concept of Islam and the wider audience will be dividing this understanding, the more people gain more freedom of choice of life».
1. To stimulate continuing interest of Russian to Islam.

In this case, the term «Islam» means not only the basics of religious thought, but also philosophy, sociology, psychology, phenomenology and history of the religion, as well as organizations and leaders who preach Islam. All time providing the regular information to Russian public with various means of communication. Objective is to support the effect of the presence, even, in fact, telling the little new. For example, a constantly and fully informing the public about terrorist attacks, we can derive greater benefit, especially in terms of popularity and protest well fed and clothed in gold priests of the Orthodox Church. Islamic organizations and leaders supporting future communication with the Ummah in the attacks, will instill self-confidence in those layers of Russian society, which are in search of something «strong and powerful».

2. To make continuously search for messages and communications.

Articles on web sites, selected verses of the Quran, the sermons in the mosques, interesting events, activities, etc. - All these are necessary for the formation of an image message. In developing of messages, should not seek to distort or embellish reality. The main thing is to try to bring the necessary information about Islam.

Means of communication are a way to deliver your message to the right audience. Developing strategy for the project, we must consider all ways of da'wa, you can use to spread the idea of Islam and use them in full. Originally intended exclusively da'wa as preaching in mosques and in print, but with the development of the media and the Internet PR became diverse and more global. PR of Islam is the art of communication by various means (mass media, internet, literature), directly in the mosques, the streets, as well as various social events (concerts of Sufi music, workshops, etc.). Da'wa strategy in Russia ensures the use of all possible communication channels with maximum efficiency, accounting for all possibilities, achieving clarity of all the foundations of Islam, as well as access to the latest non-Muslims. The result should be not only that the Russian people to learn more about Islam, but that it in their eyes it will be the embodiment of logic and consistency (the transition from Christianity to Islam), and it will give peace of mind and purpose in life.

There are many different ways for the international spread of religion. Islam, in contrast to Orthodoxy, is an international network, moreover, as a result of the Internet world is becoming more intense the global ummah. As a result, communication began to acquire an international character. The ability of missionaries to penetrate the complex international community assumes, probably some understanding of what is common between different peoples and cultures, and what separates them. Work with the Russian is not limited to the territory of Russia. We should also note another aspect of the mission, as tourism in Muslim countries. Egypt and Turkey are the country's most visited by Russian tourists, 3 million people a year, and according to some women constitute more than 65%. Carry out distribution of any religion, not to mention control of these processes is impossible without a network. The Qur'an has the same spelling for all people, but its submission should vary according to cultural specificity, traditions and religious situation.
4. Build and maintain a desired image of a Muslim to Russian.

Desired image of a Muslim can foster a sense of interest and respect for Islam, only if the image corresponds the truth. High reputation of the Islamic leaders always sooner or later will be extended to the very ummah. Able to work with images fixed in the public eye for the Islamic leaders such important qualities as honesty, decency and love for people. A good way of forming the image is the opposition of leaders of different faiths. The best results are obtained when they compare with the clergy of the Orthodox Church (wealth, proximity to power, etc.).

5. To use widely not only ideas of Islam, but the service of religion.

It is important to understand the basic differences between the ideas of Islam and services that a Muslim may use. The Koran, the different Islamic literature (carriers of religious ideas), you can read, carry or put on the shelf, the service is not exist as long as it is out of work (group and individual prayer, mutual support among the faithful, psychotherapeutic activities, etc. .)

According to Islamic views, the believer cannot exist outside the community. Person is integrated into society and culture of Islam through a community. Muslim society itself takes the eyes of the Ummah, in contact with him through the ummah religiously, socially, and politically. In the community new Muslim feels this fraternity - here he gets a circle of new friends, find protection and support. Ummah has an internal ideology that gives meaning to its existence, so the novice will not soon imagine himself outside of his co-religionists.

In da'wa should be involved the usual Muslim, they should have the missionary responsibility. To do this, give them a decent training, which da’wa will perform correctly and efficiently. Using the problem of social isolation, when the Russian fenced off from each other and see in this a new way of living, communicating only indirectly, via the Internet, the image of «Islamic brotherhood» can become a welcome and «salvation».
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