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4.2. The specifics of the project.

For Islam left the twentieth century can rightly be considered the age of rebirth. For a few decades, followers of Islam spread across the globe, leading an active and surprisingly successful in the secular world mission. Islam spread the most rapidly in Africa. According to statistics, in the end of 1990s to one of Christianize Africans accounted three accepting Islam. Enormous amount accepted Islam among Afro-Americans, tens of thousands are estimated to have fallen out of Christianity, to Islam in Europe - in France, Italy, Germany, England etc. But in Russia, the revival of Islam affected only ethnic Muslims. It has not been talking about the soldiers who had embraced Islam in Chechnya and especially in the Afghan prison. Islam is rarely taken in the Russian cities and villages. Facts about Russian adoption of Islam are seen as extraordinary events and most of them are fixed immediately and become the property (condemnation) of Russian society (unimportant archpriest, the mayor of a provincial town, a member of the popular musical groups, etc.). According to figures published by the newspaper «NG-religion», over the past decade, the number who considers themselves Muslims in Russia has increased from 8 to 9%. Given the high birth rate in Muslim republics, and a positive balance of migration from Central Asia, 1% (about half a million people) is a small number.

Wide and well-funded network of Muslim missionaries around the world seeks to convert people to Islam and gradually Islamize the whole society and state. In addition to private and organized efforts to promote the project they involve and the whole Muslim countries, inviting to the action of da'wa considerable resources and influence. With the individual appeals intensive work with non-Muslim governments is used to change the law so as to make them «more tolerant» to Islam. Under the auspices of the coexistence of various cultures and strengthening solidarity in society, war against Islamophobia and prejudice, Western governments and NGOs support and partially fund a growing Muslim campaign of missionary activity. All these various efforts and lead to success in da'wa.
Unfortunately, the art of PR-technologies has not got a good reputation among Islamic organizations in Russia. It is superficial, nongodly business, but almost every small religious (western) organization, leaving the spiritual Russian market since the early 90s, has applied with great success and continues to apply the most advanced PR technology. The foregoing has been concern in recent years and the activities of the Orthodox Church.

None of the existing religions don’t refuse to involve in their fold believers of other religions. At the same time this tendency is not restricted. Of course, all these actions and it all come from the desire of some people's understanding of their religion. Modern society has a high social dynamics and changes taking place cannot influence the missionary work or call to Islam (da'wa). It should be recognized that there is da'wa in Russia (including Russian) develops slowly, perhaps this is due to the need for understanding and ongoing processes in Russian society, and the development of new methodologies and training of new personnel. The challenge for Islamic missionaries in Russia is becoming a «global» thinking, while it is still punctuated only by the Arab-historical background of the regression.

After September 11, 2001, there have been very many events, mainly inter-faith dialogue between Christians and Muslims, but to this day never heard that representatives of Islam and Christianity have agreed to the refusal of his missionary work. To talk about it may even seem absurd for some, so missionary universalism of Islam and Christianity are accepted as normal and correct principle.

Globalization of the Internet is creating conditions for the internationalization of religions. Virtually all sectors of social life, go through major changes, among them is and the sector of religion. Today there is no international law that restricts the universality of missionary of religions, indeed, missionary work is regarded as the realization of human rights.

The process of globalization that has begun in the 80s, continues to develop and acquire clear features of American culture. This is due to the fact that Americans have got the best types of franchises, they have the most powerful PR-Network. Whatever the fundamental religion is, it will not be able to resist the informational and technological progress, and if religious leaders see as the goal the hegemony of their ideas, but nowadays they hardly can’t develop without the services of information and psychological technologies.

Islam in the NC is now at its peak. From a religious point of view of product successes and victories are already quite substantial. In spite of these achievements, the Russian central pressure groups constantly feed suspicions and fears of the Russian public. Using the mass media and other communication technologies, they form a Russian-sided and negative attitudes towards Islam.

The specifics of the project should be aimed at combating the negative reputation, as well as to conduct educational work against the views that undermine the spread of Islam in Russia. Russian Assembly of Muslim Youth to enlist the support of central and republican mass media, NGOs and voluntary organizations, cultural associations, educational institutions and some government agencies and begin to disseminate strategic information about Islam. Participation of Russian society, achieved during the campaign, will help improve relations to Islam and to demonstrate the practical application of Islamic ideas in everyday life. Acceptance, adequate perception and involvement of various sectors of the Russian public largely will depend on the level of understanding of basic concepts of Islam and awareness.
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