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4.3. Experience of the Islamization of the West.

Start a new (final) Islamic revival with the release of it on the world stage can be described in the 1970s. One of the reason is rapid growth in the oil capital of Islamic countries. With ample financial support, as the official state structures and private persons, a grand project was launched for the da'wa publications, translations, radio and TV programs. Intellectual persuasion, which is used in Islamic missionary, supported by attractive audiocassettes, videos, DVD, and the entire gamut of modern technology, including a huge number of websites. Muslims urged to give up their holidays to deal da'wa mission, and to use of personal communications and tourism, in order to spread Islam. In the West, many da'wa organizations have been established.

It is important to note that in the U.S. and in Europe most of the Islamic missionary organizations were founded by physicians, engineers, university professors, etc. Many organizations now use the da'wa method «from door to door» friendship for da'wa, handing out tracts and during public holidays put a tent with Islamic material. Islamic bookstores offer a wide selection of materials for those who is interested in. There are special learning groups for those who will be converted to the faith, and provided regular lessons for the novice, to instill them in their knowledge of the truth. Khurram Murad, deputy vice-president of Jamaat Islami of Pakistan (1987-1996) and former director of the Islamic Foundation in Leytsester, Great Britain, wrote that "the purpose of da'wa activists to draw the West to Islam, and integrate it into the global ummah."

The London-based Islamic Council of Europe was founded in May 1973 with the support of Saudi Arabia and the Organization of Islamic Conference. Working in close cooperation with international Islamic organizations and governments of Muslim states, he coordinates the activities of more than 24 Muslim organizations in Britain, Germany, France, Scandinavia, Italy, Switzerland, Austria, Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg. Its purpose is to protect and preserve religious and cultural life of Muslims in Europe, «a more correct understanding of Islam» in the West and missionary work among non-Muslims.

Migration and da'wa.

Mass migration of Muslims in Western countries in recent years may have a religious meaning, taking part in da'wa, in order to convert to Islam and non-Muslims to adopt the religion of Islam in the West. According to the words of religious leaders - «Migration points is definited by Allah to a new revival of Islam and its power. Even if you (Muslims) have moved and not for religious reasons, but to make money or get an education, or a combination thereof, the duty to preach Islam is paramount».

In 1978, the Islamic Council of Europe organized a seminar in London, which outlined various strategies for the activities of Muslim minorities in European countries. For example, members of the Muslim diaspora should try to settle closer to each other, creating areas of «Muslim concentration», with its infrastructure, like mosques, halal stores, schools, etc. The Muslim Diaspora should lobby the laws in the host country in order to gain recognition as an independent Muslim religious community. When the diaspora will become well established, its leaders must strive to be recognized as Muslims by the authorities of the religious community with which to be reckoned with. As soon as the Muslim diaspora will be recognized, it should demand equal rights with other religious communities in the country and seek to gain political rights as an integral part of this nation. Once these rights will be uncovered, further target of the Diaspora is the spread of Islamic law on the entire European nation.

Muslim leaders in an effort to Islamize the West, demand constantly legal changes to protect Islam and gaining their rightful place in the state and society, as the Islamic Council of Europe recommends. Such changes include the adoption of laws against incitement to religious hatred. They also learned use the threat of ethnic conflict (rebellion in the Muslim areas) in order to compel the government to put forward demands.

Thus, a program of the Islamic legal support workers include the following requirements: the provision of halal food in schools, hospitals and prisons, the widespread opening of Islamic schools, wearing the hijab (Islamic head covering) by schoolgirls and students, establishing a break at work on Friday to carry out the noon prayers, the ability Islam adopted banking operations, obtain the relevant pensions and mortgages etc. Many of the concessions already granted in the areas of population concentrations of Muslim population. Moreover, Islamic leaders have even succeeded in penetrating and skillful implementation of sympathizing with Islamic experts in the academic world, in politics and the media. They consist effective campaign to create textbooks, presenting Islam in a positive light.

Using the methods of Christian missionaries.

Modern Islamic leaders successfully copy most of the strategies and methods of Christian missionaries and use them to spread Islam to non-Muslim world. This is - an innovation, taking into account the traditional methods of da'wa:
- Muslims are involved in providing health care, social care and educational facilities;
Large fruit brings a Muslim prison ministry, many prisoners are Muslim;
- Faithful volunteers to help elderly people regardless of their cultural or religious beliefs.

Learning from the example of Christian missiology, the Muslims in their work also began to use the contextual approach. Fadlallah Wilmot, director of Muslim Aid Indonesia Muslim activists encouraged not to destroy the local culture, but to treat her with respect, and support it with Islamize.

In the U.S., Muslim preachers bet on a mission in the prisons. Saudi embassy in Washington sends about a hundred monthly copies of the Koran in American prisons. Respected well-known imams and religious leaders in New York and Atlanta shoot videos about Islam. Numerous Muslim organizations sent properly trained volunteers in the U.S. prisons to teach the Arabic language to the prisoners. In addition, they provide a special prison food that meets the canons of Islam, for example, dates for the breaking of Ramadan. For the preaching of Islam there are special educational packages called «Discover Islam», for some years have being issued by a Muslim businessman Mohammed Qadir and distributed in nearly all 94 U.S. federal prisons. This so-called package includes a variety of pamphlets, posters and educational videotapes, the protagonist of which is world famous basketball player of team, «Houston Rockets» Hakeem Olayun. The main groups of target audience.

The youth. Members of Islamic student societies take part in the Islamization of their fellow students. As they compete for influence with the secular and Christian student societies, they often participate in activities of da'wa as organizing special lectures, debates and other events to attract others. Local Muslim societies often offer special training sessions for da'wa as for its own members, as well as for other Muslims. For example, the Cambridge Muslim Society organized a special course at weekends in June 2006, with items such as «The Importance of Islamic missionary work», «Islamic missionary work among the Christians», «Islamic missionary work among the atheists».

Women. Fairly typical case is the adoption of Islam in marriages. One way of penetration in Western countries, and proselytizing is considered to act through the western women - marry them and convert to Islam, or at least engage them in sex. All children born from such relationships will be considered Muslims. After that, a Muslim will be able to meet with family members and friends of the woman and share with them his faith.

According to Muslim law, any non-Muslim who wants to marry a Muslim must convert to Islam, and the situation is generally well respected by the bride's parents. Christian who marries a Muslim according to Sharia does not have to accept Islam, but in fact in most cases this does occur, either immediately or over time.

Children. Much attention is paid to the promotion of Muslim children to participate actively in da'wa. For eleven or twelve years, children are encouraged to invite non-Muslim friends of his place to sharing household tasks. You can then invite their parents. Owners Muslims they call to demonstrate Islam in the best light, and especially to emphasize the non-Muslim guests, the moral purity of Islam and convince them that being in a Muslim family, their children are in complete safety. Non-Muslim children may also be invited to "Friday School", which exists at the mosque.

Public events.

Islamic concerts. Whereas the more puritanical Muslims perceive music as haram, Sufis use music in their worship, and in da'wa. Qawwali music concerts, a form of Sufi devotional music, popular in the Indian subcontinent, are growing interest to Western music lovers and those who seek spirituality.

Discs with famous performers qawwali, such as Pakistani Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, have popular and are a nice gift for the non-Muslims. Yusuf Islam, formerly known as Cat Stevens, after conversion to Islam in 1979 decided to abandon his musical career. But in 2004 he returned to the world of popular music with the secular album, «Another cup». Now he argues that, despite differences among Muslims about the music, he personally convinced that it plays a role in the spiritual life of Muslims by supporting those who are in difficulties, and promoting missionary work. He argues that the firm is committed to preaching the Islamic Tawhid among non-Muslims. Sami Yusuf is a young Muslim, a very popular British singer of Azeri origin. His songs, written in the style of Islamic hip-hop, focusing on missionary topics. With them he tours extensively around the world and uses his music as a means of spreading of Islam.

Conferences and exhibitions (for example of the UK). Starting with the festival «World of Islam», organized in London in 1976 and opened by the queen, in Britain a number of Islamic exhibitions, conferences and festivals passed. It is interesting to note that these exhibitions usually open high-level government and community leaders, and often receive some public funding.

Since 2003, the Islamic Society of Britain holds an annual four-day festival, «Living Islam» at the venue in Lincolnshire. They are advertised as celebrations of Islamic culture and history and usually include a performance of Islamic songs, speeches and installation of tents - in addition to inflatable air castles, sports games and street performers. Although these activities are mainly aimed at Muslims, they also seek to portray Islam in a positive light and for the British non-Muslims. "Festival of Muslim Cultures" (2006-7) funded by the Arts Council of England, City of London, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Home Office and the British Council. Muslim Council of Britain, which is represented on the board, put the condition that all that is on display, must comply with Shariah. Islam Expo this is the event is celebrated as «the largest European exhibition of contemporary Islam». This exhibition was first hold in July 2006 at the Alexander Palace in London. Next event was July 11-14, 2008 in Olympia, London. This is a joint project of the mayor's office in London and the Muslim Association of Britain. Through exhibitions, stalls, workshops and 'live' shows, concerts, lectures and workshops Islam Expogets a goal to destroy myths and misconceptions about Islam and to teach Islam and his achievements in the best light.

Another similar event is a touring exhibition, designed for the whole the UK «1001 invention: Discover the Muslim Heritage in our world», which, since 2006, visited a number of large British cities. Organized by the Foundation and the Muslim Heritage Foundation of Science, Technology and Civilization, it aims to show the public contribution to the Muslim world in various fields of science and technology. It primarily focuses on the school and recommended by the Department for Education and Skills.

Many of the local Islamic festivals and exhibitions organized by the Muslim diasporas in their cities. As an example, in Edinburgh, where for five years is the Edinburgh Festival Islamic, which is a series of events held throughout the month and spreading understanding of the Muslim faith and life. It is conducted in the Edinburgh Central Mosque as part of the Edinburgh Theatre Festival «Fringe».

Such festivals inculcate in the minds of western people view the presence of Islam in their midst, his power, culture and wealth, and thus serve as a means of da'wa. Related projects include the construction of prestigious mosques and Islamic centers, as well as the proliferation of Islamic lobby groups.

Seminars for the dissemination of Islam - is another means for da'wa. They are organized by prestigious Islamic institutions for government and community organizations that come into regular contact with Muslims, as an opportunity to better understand Islam and Muslims. Similar seminars are visited by police, medical staff, employees of universities and many other groups. All of this is seen as part of the Muslim duty - to show the beauty, simplicity and consistency of Islamic teachings.

Funding for da'wa.

The spread of what is described as subordinate to Sharia finance is also one of the methods of da'wa. Recently, this phenomenon has affected the western financial system and has created the impression of non-Muslims in Islam and its wealth more ethical approach to financial matters. As soon as the growing number of Islamic financial products become available in Western countries, as well as how to introduce different rules to expedite the process, introduced into Western society structure and values of Islam and Sharia. Not only Muslims but also many non-Muslims use Islamic financial products.

Muslim states with a huge turnover of excess foreign capital use sovereign wealth funds to buy Western assets. By 2007, the United Arab Emirates were in first place among the largest SWF-holdings in the world, Saudi Arabia was on the third place, and Kuwait was on the sixth. Although the governments of some Western countries have repeatedly raised questions about the security issues associated with their involvement in the economy of oil-rich Muslim countries, Islamic finance are firmly held important positions in key industry sectors and large companies.

Even a small missionary work needs of some financial support. With the growth of the Ummah there is a need for additional funds for its retention and, consequently, the new investors. Wealth and power - these are key instruments of Islamic missionary work because they help attract non-Muslim faith.
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