Project Focus-Control
Scientific Advisory Center "Consciousness"
USA/UK 2007-2012  © FALCOGROUP
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Objectives of the Center Focus-Control:
- Anthropological (name of ethnic and racial characteristics of the structure of face and body, anthropometry, development of methods for facial reconstruction from the skull, etc.)
- Anatomy and physiology (the study of the structure of the face (skin, fascia, muscle, bone), its shape, proportions, shapes, composition, proportion, shape, growth and development, blood supply and innervation, etc.)
- Clinical (study of various pathological changes in a person's appearance and setting connection between appearance and diseases, etc.).
- Forensic (review of criminology and forensic science, etc.)
- Physiognomy-static (tracing the relationship between the face of man, his appearance and moral state of the individual, etc.)
- Psycho-dynamic (depending on the definition of feelings and emotions, facial expressions, gestures and poses a psychological portrait of personality and behavior, etc.)
- Cultural (historical analysis of images of the subject in paintings, sculptures, transfer of his movements and feelings, etc.)
- Digital (collecting information on all technical means, whose functions include tracking and recognition of rights, etc.)
The main aim is to develop new and improve existing programs for the diagnosis, monitoring and recognition of rights (training cycle training in psycho-diagnostics, sketch, video capture, 3D modeling, etc.).