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     24 participants from  18  different countries meet in the city of  Amarante, Portugal, for a week in order to learn and develop together their  training competences, focused in  multicultural youth work  and  local  youth participation  (and have a lot of fun along the way!).  Trainers follow  non-formal education  methodologies, based in peer learning,  experiential learning; participative methods are used  -  participants shall  prepare themselves to be very active along the whole programme. All sessions  and activities are held  in  English language.  Topics  include: diversity, youth participation, good practices in youth participation, co-operation at local level, advocacy, local youth policies, youth participation project  management, etc. This is an ideal opportunity to learn with your international peers and  to initiate or further develop your own youth participation project, internationally or locally.
►  Experience typical difficulties of a multicultural work setting, developing  participants’  positive approach towards diversity and promoting anti-discrimination attitudes.
►  Explore youth participation  common obstacles and challenges, while formulating corresponding - and eventually innovative -  solutions in the frame of youth work and non-formal education.
►  Increase participants understanding of the importance of youth participation in its different dimensions: decision making, youth policy lobbying, NGYO’s programmes & activities, transformational leadership and civil society in general, as a human right.
►  Introduce the “Have your say!  - Manual on the Revised European Charter on the Participation of Young  People in Local and Regional Life” as a reference tool to work in the field of Youth Participation.
►  Develop participants understanding of conditions for youth participation and different co-operation forms between local authorities, youth organizations and young people.
►  Exchange experiences, practices, opinions, educational tools and materials related to youth participation and diversity.
►  Provide participants with standard theory, skills and tools to design, implement and evaluate meaningful and effective  youth participation projects, including coaching good practices.
►  Provide an opportunity for participants to design a youth participation project to implement as a follow-up of the training, while strengthening the network between the involved partner NGYO’s.
►  Introduce a series of resources and funding opportunities that can be useful for bringing participants projects to reality, including Council of  Europe and European Youth Foundation programmes.

The great financial support of  Council of Europe ( and European Youth Foundation  is crucial for the implementation of this project.
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