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     The core theme of seminar is the role of  religion in life of many Europeans citizens. Thus, debate on the rights of religious minorities and exploring the dilemmas for the pluralist society we live in are key in the creation of a tolerant European continent.  Young people in Europe must find a way to reconcile the various differences (religious but also ethnic, cultural or regional) with the need of a common set of values (human rights, democracy, rule of law...). Doing this while preserving unity and without creating divides between people is an enormous challenge this seminar will try to explore.
      The objective of this seminar is to  raise awareness among young leaders about the challenges of religious divides and the role they play while providing them with tools for building understanding in their communities; to promote active and critical thinking about issues pertaining to the debate between religious rights versus secular state; to motivate youth to take an active role in creating an atmosphere of better understanding between divided societies through civil society involvement and to produce  recommendations for policymakers on the importance of a more effective inter-religious and secular dialogue in Europe.
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