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• To gain knowledge and understanding on what is EVS mentoring in sense of the Youth in Action Programme Guide:
The mentor is responsible for providing personal and learning/Youthpass process support to the volunteer(s) and for helping them to integrate into the local community. The mentor has also an important role in discussing the learning achievements with the volunteer in view of the Youthpass certificate. The volunteer(s) can turn to the mentor in case of problems.
• To develop mentor’s competences needed to provide learning support to EVS volunteers;
• To deepen understating of the key competences and Youthpass process;
• To identify potentials and dangers in EVS mentoring process;
• To share possible tools and methods for EVS mentoring;
• To establish contacts between EVS mentors, so they can support each other in the future if needed;
• To inspire participants to share the acquirements from the training with other mentors back in their home countries, in particular to develop action plans for multiplying the EVS mentorship concept during a month after the training.
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