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     In early December, held in Berlin on the German-Russian-Ukrainian Exchange of youth exchange partners. All this intense awareness program was diluted and abundant cultural and educational. There were excursions to Berlin and visit the majestic monument of military glory of Soviet soldiers and familiarity with the row of stalls at a Christmas market and a restaurant with traditional German cuisine.
     Exchange was held organization djo - German Youth in Europe, Thomas Hoffman, Olga Jungius, Johanna Heil, Carsten Pilz. On the Russian side - The National Youth Council of Unions of Russia, Grigory Cockerels, the Ukrainian - Ukrainian Youth Forum, Jan Konotopenko Anatoly Polovinets Constantine Zakharenko. The meeting was part of an agreement between the Government of the Federal Republic of Germany and the Government of the Russian Federation and Ukraine in the field of youth cooperation. The delegations of the participating representatives of major public youth organizations very different directions. There were organizations working search activities, educational, cultural exchange, political and human rights and, of course, charitable and volunteer.
     On the first day, after the official opening of the stock exchange, words of greeting guests at the event and all the experts tripartite delegation was divided into five working groups: social and cultural work with youth, integration and intercultural dialogue, creative group work, case youth work camps. The experts were: Alexander Bühler (German Federal Youth Circle) Regine Kaiser (German-Russian Youth Foundation), Paul Fyulbier (city administration, the Viersen, the committee "Youth and Family"); Mirayle Gras (German Agency EU program "Youth in Action "), Sergei Sumlenniy (Russian business magazine" Expert "), Irina Solonenko (European University Viadrina) Ferry Copan (Berlin association" International Youth Services ") and Natalie Markovich, Mary Klimovskikh, Catherine Ivanushkina (Union of Russian-speaking youth in Germany JunOst eV ).
Scope issue raised virtually the entire spectrum of work with young people from working with deprived teenagers language animation (creative language training), political education of young people, the medial projects to funding and organization of volunteer service in a given metro area. Group work will last two days and ended in a specific vision of the participants - "What you need here and now, for joint projects." Experts have tried to correctly send participants to find partners, to generate their proposals, share their experiences from the past and the expectations and fears of future projects.
     In the evening of the first day, for the best assistance in finding partners, an exhibition-presentation of the participating organizations. Representatives from the three countries showed slides, films, print their organizations. The exhibition was held in a lively and warm atmosphere.
     Chime the day of departure was the official closing event. After presentations by experts, organizer Thomas Hoffman summarizing Exchange, said the high productivity of collaboration demonstrated options agreements on joint projects and thus to plan for the following year.
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