Scientific Advisory Center "Consciousness"
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Autonomous non-profit organization of research and social diplomacy
• Area of theoretical research projects to practical projects for children and youth thematic camps;
• Independent platform for informal socializing active representatives of different spheres: social psychology and youth policy, the expert-analytical community and science, art and culture;
• Fundamentally "supranationalism" space, which combines an expression of various ideological currents and political doctrines;
• R & D organization, adhering to the principles of multilateral scientific approach and objective analysis and does not belong to one customer;
• Not have their own political orientation of think tanks, which do not formulate general corporate views on public policy issues;
• Team not acting "for" or "against" a political position, but it also means the various parties to express their views
• A group of professionals, all conditions for constructive dialogue, maintain a high level of scientific research and expert discussions.
• Focus on scientific methodology (from the study of emotions and behavior to ethnic conflicts and social psycho engineering), but not limited to scientific subjects (from holding camps for children and youth to create an art gallery);
• Due to the multidimensional nature of individual projects and approaches invariably supported multidisciplinary. Only in rare cases to work on any project involved only narrow specialists in a particular field, and almost always uses a group of experts from various fields to develop a large long-term projects;
• Maximum effort to attract people who have different, sometimes radical views;
• A unique non-state (globalization) role allows to take advantage of both the public and private spheres (any state);
• Any state (either the U.S. or China, Britain and Russia, Saudi Arabia, Israel and Iran) in a very small extent can control, but not entirely in FALCOGROUP, but only for individual projects.
     The Team has a relatively large degree of freedom in determining what problems it solves, and the preparation of statements and recommendations. On employees FALCOGROUP not subject to restrictions with regard to wages, especially as they work with the most pressing social issues. Some state agencies do not have the right to assert their positions or be fired.
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